How Aggressive Are You?

Do friends often comment that you are a bit aggressive? Find out just how aggressive you are by answering these 10 personality questions!

Question 1/10
You find out your roommate has been eating the food you bought. How do you handle the situation?
I bring it up in conversation
I start sabotaging the food
I lock the food away
I write my name on everything
I start eating their food

Question 2/10
You find out that the neighbors have been stealing your WIFI. What do you do?
I lock the network
I turn off the router at prime browsing times
I laugh it off
Change the "WiFi" name to "Mine"

Question 3/10
How do you deal with a loud movie patron?
I throw popcorn in their face
I yell until they leave
I get the manager
I start talking too
I ignore them

Question 4/10
If your doormat could say one thing, what would it say?
Go away
Not today
Please leave

Question 5/10
How do you behave in an argument?
I cry, yell, and throw things
I bring up every bad thing that person has ever done
I criticize until it's over
I yell as loud as I can
I listen attentively

Question 6/10
Have you ever destroyed anything while in a fit of rage?
More often than I'd like to admit
No way

Question 7/10
On many fights do you find yourself in per month?

Question 8/10
If someone cuts you off in traffic, how do you react?
I honk and give them the finger
I chase after them
I curse wildly
I get mad but let it go
I laugh

Question 9/10
If your partner dumped you for your best friend, how would you handle the breakup?
I would beg them to come back to me
I would attempt to sabotage their relationship
I'd key their car
Move on

Question 10/10
Which of these activities would you find the most pleasing?
You can be extremely aggressive at times. While you wouldn't hurt a fly, in times of duress or high stress, you have a tendency to vocally lash out at those around you. Stress can also cause you to be a bit pushy and demanding.

Extremely Aggressive
You are very aggressive. Despite your quiet nature and non-violent ways, you can still be an aggressive and demanding person when feeling overwhelmed. Your aggression doesn't come out in the form of physical violence, but rather criticism, and bossiness.

Very Aggressive
You are kind of aggressive. Like so many of us, you can get a bit aggressive or "in your face" when feeling a bit backed into a corner or trapped. You don't like to feel out of control, and so you will often try to regain control through verbal force and coercion.

Kind Of Aggressive
You have aggressive tendencies. While you are rarely aggressive, you can get a bit touchy when feeling as if you or a loved one is being threatened or put down. Your aggression has more to do with self protection and defense than actual anger.

Aggressive Tendencies
You are completely non-aggressive. You are a total pacifist who believes that nothing is resolved through anger or aggression. You believe that the only means to an end is through peace and calm discussion.

Completely Non-Aggressive