Finish These 10 Sentences And Discover Your Personality Type!

Finish these ten simple sentences to discover what type of personality you have!

Question 1/10
You are most likely suggest to your friend, "Do you want to ______?"
Go skydiving
See a movie
Stay at home and relax

Question 2/10
Fill in the blank. I ____ my job.

Question 3/10
You text or use the phone for _____ hours a day.
One or less
Between one and three
More than three

Question 4/10
Your friend is feeling down, so you give them _______.
A wild night out
A hug
Some space

Question 5/10
Fill in the blank. I feel ____ when things don't go my way.

Question 6/10
Fill in the blank. I am a ______ person.

Question 7/10
Your work is due. You say ______ to your boss.
"Here is my work. I finished it on time."
"My work will be a little late, but I will get it done."
"I had work to do?"

Question 8/10
Your friend invites you to a hiking trip. You say, ______.
"No way, Jose."
"Yes, let's do it!"
"We can do it...depending on the weather."

Question 9/10
Your friends would describe you as a _____ person.

Question 10/10
Fill in the blank. I have a bad day ____ days a week.
You have an open personality! This means that you love to do new things, meet new people, and go to new places. You love to learn and use your imagination. You are likely interested in many different things, even if the things you like don't always match up. Basically, you are open to everything!

You have a reliable personality. You are always there for the people who you care about, and you are always there for youself as well. People can depend on you because you always get the job done. You are logically-minded, making you great at making desicions.

You have an energetic personality. You love to talk to people, even if you don't know them well. Your life seems to revovle around your social activies more than anyone else. You love to make friends, but you are not afraid to make enimies either. You love to talk, talk, talk. Is there anything else to say? You are sure to think of the right words.

You are a compassionate person. You are kinder than most, which is a great trait to have. You are great to the friends you have, but it might be hard to make more friends because you can be shy at times. Overall, you are an affection person, and anyone would be lucky to have you as a friend.

You have a moody personaly. You seem to shift moods (and sometimes even personality traits) often, making it difficult to pin down your real personality traits. Sometimes you are talkative and friendly, while at other times you are tired and just want to be alone. Rarely, you are right in the middle, content as can be.