Do You Think Like A Successful Person?

Successful people often have a way of thinking that is different from those who don't experience the same level of achievement. The question is, do you think like a successful person? It's time to find out!

Question 1/10
What motivates you on a daily basis?
I want to make the world a better place
I want to make a good living
I want to be influential

Question 2/10
How do you measure success?
By money
By achievement
By the amount of freedom I have in life and work

Question 3/10
Are you a risk junkie?
The more risks the better!
I don't take many risks.
I don't take any risks.

Question 4/10
How do you think about past failures?
With a lot or regret and embarrasment
With a degree of pride and enrichment
With knowledge that failure leads to success

Question 5/10
What do you think about the most?
How to make more money
How to find more fulfillment
How to spend more time with family

Question 6/10
You're out to dinner and your phone is ringing off the hook. Do you answer it?
No way, that's rude!
I send a reply text that I'm in the middle of dinner.
I answer and excuse myself.

Question 7/10
If you had an out of the box idea at work, would you tell your boss?
Absolutely, ideas are only worth something if they're shared!
Nah, I'd keep it to myself in case it was a bad idea.
I'd consult with co-workers first.

Question 8/10
How often do you take time out for just you?
All the time, self care leads to a better me!
Sometimes, but typically I'm far too busy.
Never, I don't have time for that!

Question 9/10
What's the ultimate measure of success?
A fat bank account
Fulfillment and happiness
The respect of others
Power and authority

Question 10/10
Which successful person do you most want to be?
Oprah Winfrey
Elon Musk
Bill Gates
Mark Cuban
Donald Trump
According to this quiz, you think exactly like a successful person! Though you always have your eye on the prize, you recognize that being a successful person means being well rounded in both your personal life and your professional life. You're driven, ambitious, and always willing to work the extra hours if it means bringing your dream into a reality.

You Think Exactly Like A Successful Person
According to this quiz, you think like a successful person part of the time! Though you're driven and ambitious, sometimes you can lose focus when the going gets tough. Being successful means staring down your fears and pushing forward. You've got the brains and the connections, now it's time to let go of your fears and follow the path to true success.

You Sometimes Think Like A Successful Person
According to this quiz, you don't think like a successful person just yet! Though you're whip smart, driven, and totally well connected, your soft heart can sometimes keep you from making the hard choices that a successful person has to make. Your empathy is one of your greatest strengths, but it can keep you from being top tier successful. Luckily, it's not power you seek, but true inner contentment. Go you!

You Don't Yet Think Like A Successful Person