Do You Have What It Takes To Catch A Killer?

On shows like "Mindhunter," we watch FBI agents pursue and build profiles on potential serial killers. Not everyone has what it takes to do a job like this, do you? Are you clever enough to catch a killer or would you be outsmarted at every turn? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
What's the first thing you notice about another person?
Their clothing or style.
Their body language.
Their eyes.
How they walk/stand.

Question 2/10
If you suspect someone is lying to you, what kind of signs do you look for?
Throat clearing.
Hiding the mouth/eyes.
What they do with their hands.
Their posture.

Question 3/10
When you are given an assignment, when do you get started on it?
Right away, I like to dive right in.
When I have the time.
When I'm finished with my other projects.

Question 4/10
Let's face it, you're the type of person who....
Loves a good challenge.
Never gives up.
Goes with their instincts.
Easily connects with others.

Question 5/10
Which trait do you find most irritable in other people?

Question 6/10
You arrive at a crime scene, what do you look for first?
Signs of struggle.
Blood or DNA evidence.
A murder weapon.
A journal or diary.

Question 7/10
In school, your favorite subject was...

Question 8/10
Let's say you're interviewing a potential killer. How would you get the answer you wanted?
Make them believe I'm their friend.
Playing psychological mind games.
Keeping my cool and digging at them.
Asking them directly.

Question 9/10
Do you tend to work best with others or on your own?
I'm more of a lone wolf.
I'm a team player.
It depends on the job.

Question 10/10
Are you someone who craves a lot of free time?
Yes, I have a family I need to spend time with.
Sometimes, just to decompress.
Not if I'm passionate about my work.
Congratulations, you've got some killer instincts! You obviously have what it takes to catch a killer. Relentless, driven and motivated; nothing will stop you once you have a goal in mind. You're savvy, smart, and keen on picking up clues or pieces that others miss. Unlike some in this field, you're not just motivated by physical evidence, but psychological profiles.

Killer Instincts
You have a mind for madness! There's no doubt that you would catch a killer and even help to profile them to catch future killers. You know how to get inside the mind of a killer and see the world from their eyes. You use this information to profile, find locations, and even pick up on evidence. If you can't do it, no one can!

A Mind For Madness
While you would be in hot pursuit of a killer and right on their heels, you might not catch them. Sure, you're clever and motivated, but so is the killer at large. You're not quite ready to stay one step ahead of a criminal mastermind.

In Hot Pursuit
Uh-oh, unfortunately you don't have what it takes to catch a killer just yet! Hey, it's not easy to catch these criminals. Many of them are quite clever and know what not to do in order to avoid getting caught. You just don't think like a killer, nor can you read another person's true intentions. Fear not with a little time and training, you could hone in on those killer instincts

A Clean Getaway