Do You Have An Alpha Brain Or An Omega Brain?

The type of brain you have will always dictate the type of life you lead. Alpha brains are natural born leaders, they want to be in charge and run the show. Omega's are just fine chilling out and taking life as it comes. Which one sounds like you? Do you have an Alpha brain or are you totally Omega? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
At work, you're always most likely to....
Come up with a new idea.
Keep others on task.
Refill the coffee machine.

Question 2/10
It's a milestone birthday and your friends want to throw you a party. Do you agree?
Yes, I'd love a big party in my honor!
Maybe, just a few close friends though.
Nope, I'd much prefer a quiet night in.

Question 3/10
You're on a first date, who should pick up the tab?
The other person.
We should split the bill.
I should pay.

Question 4/10
Which sounds most like your personal motto?
Grab the bull by the horns.
You get what you give.
Live and learn.

Question 5/10
If you were to get lost in the woods, you would likely....
Go right into panic mode.
Keep calm and stay the course.
Settle down and wait for help.

Question 6/10
Do you tend to put your needs before other peoples?
Yes, always. I look out for number 1.
Sometimes, only when everyone else is taken care of.
No, never. I put others first.

Question 7/10
When it comes to friendship is quantity or quality more important?
A mix of both

Question 8/10
How long does it take you to get over a bad breakup?
Years, honestly.
A few months.
A couple of weeks.

Question 9/10
What would you have to make per year to feel comfortable?

Question 10/10
Your significant other just started an argument with you, what do you do?
Apologize to end the fight.
Keep arguing until I win.
Leave the house completely.
You have an alpha brain! You're a natural born leader who loves to be in charge and run the show. You're definitely someone who loves social gatherings and enjoys being the star of every discussion. You dislike being alone and tend to feel drained when left to your own devices. Driven and ambitious, when you set your sights on something, nothing can stand in your way.

You have an Omega brain! Though you are extremely intelligent and clever, you don't like to be the center of attention. In fact, much rather spend a majority of your time alone. Social gatherings aren't your cup of tea, nor is being the center of attention or dominating a conversation. You're the type of person who likes to observe, listen and simply take life in. You don't feel the need to be in charge or have all eyes on you.

You're a mix of both the alpha and omega brain! A natural born leader with a bit of a soft side, you're not afraid to take charge or step back and let someone else run the show. You're an ambivert who at times feels quite social and extroverted. Other times, you feel drained by social interaction and simply want to be left on your own.

A Mix Of Both