Do You Have A Beautiful Mind?

The human brain is one of the most powerful tools in all of nature. Some of us have minds that are truly extraordinary. Do you ever wonder if you have a beautiful mind? One worthy of study or even accolades? Let this quiz decide!

Question 1/10
What are you most likely to think about before bed each night?
The nature of existence.
My always growing to-do list.
Those I care for the most.

Question 2/10
Where did you gain most of your values from?
My parents
My faith

Question 3/10
You see a mother and child interacting on the street. How do you feel?
In awe of their special bond.
Oblivious, I wouldn't even notice.
Touched by the warmth.

Question 4/10
You've booked a vacation to the middle of nowhere. What are you most likely to bring?
A professional camera
A drone
A map

Question 5/10
How would you describe your work desk?
A bit chaotic but filled with personal touches.
Extremely neat and well organized.
Covered with photos and trinkets.

Question 6/10
Be honest, small talk makes you feel...
Nervous, I avoid it at all costs.
Bored, it's never any fun.
Exhilarated, I love chatting with new people.

Question 7/10
Which of these best describes your circle of friends?
Deep thinkers.
Divergent thinkers.
Risk takers.

Question 8/10
What actually gives a life meaning?
Family and friends
Attitude and optimism

Question 9/10
What breed of dog would you have?

Question 10/10
What is the highest virtue to which a human being can aspire?
To reach one's overall intellectual potential.
To really see things for what they are.
To be remembered fondly.
Your mind is truly beautiful and astounding. There is nothing ordinary about your brain. Intelligent, creative, and wholly open-minded, you don't just see the world for what it is but what it could be. An excellent problem solver, you can put together the pieces of any puzzle in mere moments, often spotting clues that others overlook. Your brain is powerful beyond measure.

Your Mind Is Truly Beautiful.
Your mind is truly a marvel. The way your brain sees the world, solves problems, and connects the dots is astounding. Detail oriented and logical, you're able to piece together puzzles that others just can't seem to crack. Though you're very grounded, you can also have great emotional depth and intelligence, often reading others before they even open their mouths.

Your Mind Is A Marvel.
Though you may not have the intelligence of Einstein or Hawking, your brain is a beautiful thing that helps to construct your amazing world. While some are steeped in logic and problem solving, you're a very emotional creature who seeks to see the beauty all around. While it might not be as inventive as some, its compassion knows no bounds.

A Beautiful Average