Do You Belong To The Baby Boomers Generation?

Is this the generation made for you?

Question 1/10
How do you feel about authority?
I respect it
It depends
I'm not a fan of authority

Question 2/10
How do you feel about technology?
I love it and use it all the time
I respect it but I don't use it
I'm not a fan

Question 3/10
Would you consider yourself rebellious?
Without a doubt
I can be sometimes
No I'm not

Question 4/10
America is becoming more:

Question 5/10
What was your college major?
Liberal arts
I went into trade school

Question 6/10
How do you feel about the current generation?
They're too addicted to technology
They're quite annoying
They're innovative
They're lazy

Question 7/10
Where do you need to be economically to be satisfied with your life?
Upper class
Middle class
Lower class
I don't need a ton of money to be happy

Question 8/10
Are you concerned with politics?
Not at all
I am somewhat
Yes I am

Question 9/10
Would you consider yourself religious?
Of course
I'm not sure
No I'm not

Question 10/10
Which of these do you think is the worst quality?
There's no denying that you belong in the baby boomer generation! You're an optimistic and rebellious individual who just wants to do good in the world.

100% Baby Boomer
You fit pretty well into the baby boomer generation! You're a rather rebellious individual who's not too fond of authority. You have a rather optimistic outlook on life and you always hope for the best.

80% Baby Boomer
You agree with most of the ideals of the baby boomer generation but there are a few things you're against. While you may be rather optimistic, you believe in following rules and listening to authority.

65% Baby Boomer
You're about half and half when it comes to the baby boomer generation. While you can be a bit rebellious at times, you still follow the rules of authority.

50% Baby Boomer
You don't really fit in with the generation of baby boomers. You don't have a real desire to change the world but to exist in it as it already is.

25% Baby Boomer