Create Your Perfect Potion And We’ll Guess Your Witch Name!

Double, double, toil and trouble- we all have a witch that lies within! Do you know your classic witch name? Go on and create your perfect potion. We'll guess your true witch name with ease! Prepare for a cackle and even some mischief by hitting start below!

Question 1/10
First things first, what kind of potion would you like to create?
A love potion
A truth serum
A healing potion
A bottle of poison
A shape-shift otion

Question 2/10
Now that that's out of the way. What base will you be using for your wicked potion?
Olive oil
Grapeseed oil
The juice of a blood orange

Question 3/10
In what kind of vessel will you create your potion?
A cauldron
A golden pot
A marble dish
A wooden bowl
A cast iron pan

Question 4/10
Herbs are a big part of getting just the right potion. Which will you throw into the mix?

Question 5/10
Will your spell turn someone into something else, such as an animal?
Yes indeed.
I'd never even considered that!
It wasn't, but now it might...
Nope, not my style.

Question 6/10
Another herb is what the recipe calls for. Which will you choose?
Lemon balm

Question 7/10
Of course, you'll need to add an 'eye' of something. Which will you choose?
Eye of newt
Eye of toad
Eye of raven
Eye of truth
No eyes for me please!

Question 8/10
What time of day sounds right for creating your potion?

Question 9/10
Which of these hard-to-find ingredients will you secure?
Flesh of a demon
Wings of a fairy
Toadstool of an elf
Blessed water
Ring of purity

Question 10/10
Will your potion be used more for good or evil?
Good of course!
Probably a bit of evil.
A mix of both.
Your classic witch name is Agnes! Just like historic witch, Agnes Waterhouse, you're someone who isn't afraid to dabble in the dark side. In fact, you've even been know ton to curse people or accuse them of crimes in bouts of anger or darkness! Your black magic is truly wicked.

Your witch name is Bessie! Just like Bessie Dunlop, the famous witch and psychic, you have the power to commune with others through your mind. Luckily, you typically use your dark magic to cure the sick and care for animals. You're a witch with a good side and that's worth knowing. Your magic is powerful, but it is also healing.

Your classic witch name is Circe! In Greek mythology, Circe is a witch and sorceress who turned men into animals with the help of her magic wand. A beautiful creature who could tempt and wreck havoc with just a few swipes of a wand. Sound like anyone you know?

Your classic witch name is Glinda! Just like the beautiful good witch in the land of Oz, you're a kind and compassionate soul who only uses your powers for good. Even your potions are full of charm and care. You'd never hurt a soul, nor would you use your powers for the dark side!

Your classic witch name is Joan! In medieval times, Joan Peterson was a healer and a witch. When a patient refused to pay for services, Joan cursed him, and he fell into strange fits. Much like Joan, you're not one to stand betrayal. You hold a grudge and aren't afraid to use your powers to make it right.