Create Your Perfect Fall Day And We’ll Guess Where You Should Move!

Create your perfect fall day from beginning to end and we'll tell you which state you should move to! The results of this quiz might just surprise you!

Question 1/10
It's a crisp autumn morning. What are you having for breakfast?
Waffles with fresh fruit
Eggs benedict
A full breakfast of eggs, bacon, and toast
French toast
A big sugary donut

Question 2/10
You're getting dressed for the day. How do you choose an outfit?
Based on the weather
Based on my activities
Based on who I'll be seeing
Based on what's clean
Based on what's cute

Question 3/10
You have a few free hours before your activities. What will you watch to pass the time?
Stranger Things
Fixer Uppper

Question 4/10
You're meeting a friend for lunch. What do you order?
Avocado toast
Soup and a salad
A brick oven pizza
Fried chicken sandwich

Question 5/10
Time for a quick coffee break. Which beverage will you choose?
Pumpkin spice latte
White chocolate mocha
Coffee with cream and sugar
Butter pecan coffee
Maple pumpkin latte

Question 6/10
You're looking for a hearty dose of fall. Which activity will you choose for the afternoon?
Apple picking
A trip to the pumpkin patch
Horseback riding
Browsing a farmer's market

Question 7/10
Who will be joining you on your fall day of fun?
My significant other
My friends
My children
My family members
I'm not sure

Question 8/10
Time to head home. What will you be making for dinner?
Butternut squash mac and cheese
Chicken and waffles
Fish and chips
Strip steak with roasted veggies
Burgers and fries

Question 9/10
You have a little time post dinner to relax. What are you going to do?
Flip through a magazine
Sip some hot apple cider
Have a glass of wine and chit chat
Go for a long walk
Take a hot shower

Question 10/10
Some friends want to hang out. What do you suggest doing?
Going to a corn maze
Going to a haunted house
Having a campfire
Going to the movies
Going for a drive around town
Watching scary movies at home
Based on your perfect fall day, you should move to the state of Maine! What you really crave in life is ease and comfort. You want to ditch the rat race and live simply with your friends and family. Maine is definitely the place for you!

Based on your perfect fall day, you should live in the state of California! You're an easy going and relaxed person who wants to live in a place that suits your mellow attitude. You take life at a leisurely pace, stopping to enjoy every moment that comes your way.

Based on your perfect fall day, you should live in Virginia! You're a very traditional person with a deep love of family, heritage, and faith. You truly believe that the most important things in this world aren't the things you can buy, but the moments you can experience.

Based on your perfect fall day, you should live in Tennessee! You're a fun loving and outgoing individual who loves to be the life of the party. Though you're a social butterfly who seems pretty bold to those you meet, you also live a rich inner life of imagination and creativity.

Based on your perfect fall day, you should live in Oregon! You're a highly creative and open minded person who just wants everyone to get along. With a host of hobbies and a love of the great outdoors, you're the type who loves to try new things!