Could you Survive A Shark Attack?

With warming ocean temperatures, shark attacks are becoming more common each year! Think you could survive a shark attack with ease? It might not be as simple as you think! Take this quiz and we'll decide whether or not you'd survive the wrath of a Shark.

Question 1/10
When it comes to hand-to-hand combat, are you well-trained?
I took karate for a week as a kid....
I've watched many Bruce Lee movies.
I'm pretty much a Black Belt.

Question 2/10
Sharks detect the smell of blood in the water through sensors in their....

Question 3/10
If you had to describe your everyday diet in one word, you would go with....

Question 4/10
On the beach, you're most likely to be found....
Day drinking
Reading a book

Question 5/10
How would you describe your swimming skills?
Pretty weak and non-existent.
Great, I'm pretty much Michael Phelps!
Average, I can hold my own.

Question 6/10
Why do you think shark's attack people?
They're bored.
They see us as predators.
They mistake us for prey.

Question 7/10
Which movie scared you the most?
Jaws, duh!

Question 8/10
In terms of weaponry, what are you most likely to use?
Pepper spray
A rubber chicken
A knife

Question 9/10
Do you believe that life is more luck or preparation?
A bit of both

Question 10/10
What do you tend to do in a crisis?
Stay calm
Run for help
Whoa, we've got a total shark attack survivor on our hands! If you were to be attacked by a shark, you would survive and make it out of the water totally unscathed. You've got killer instincts and strong survival skills. You're calm under pressure and never let panic or worry get the best of you. Because of this, you're going to be just fine in the waters!

A Shark Attack Survivor!
Okay, you would totally survive a shark attack, but you would also sustain some minor injuries. While you're a strong swimmer and have a great knack for thinking on your feet, you still let worry cloud your judgement, which would result in some rookie mistakes. Fear not, though you might end up with some stitches, at least you'll exit the water with your life.

You'd Only Sustain Minor Injuries.
Uh-oh, don't go near the water any time soon! You're probably not going to make it out of a shark attack with your life. While you might be a decent swimmer, you tend to panic when in the throes of a daring situation. Not only does this cloud your judgement, but it makes you easier prey! Keep calm, do your research, and avoid the water until you're really ready!

Shark Attack Fatality!