Could you pass Charm School?

You might think your etiquette is top of the class, but could you actually pass charm school? With just 10 quiz questions, we can decide if you'd earn high marks or if your manners could use a bit of work!

Question 1/10
How would you greet someone you didn't know in a social situation?
With a handshake.
With a hug.
With a wave.

Question 2/10
You come to the door at the same time as a another person. Who holds the door?
Whoever got there first.
Whoever wants to.
Whoever is younger.

Question 3/10
What does "saving face" mean to you?
Steering clear of pitfalls.
Talking my way out of a bad situation.
Not feeling any shame.

Question 4/10
You've been invited to a party but don't know the dress code. What do you do?
Call up the host and inquire beforehand.
Call another guest to find out.
Show up in something versatile.

Question 5/10
The person you are talking to at a party is a boring conversationalist. What strategy would you use to extricate yourself?
Excuse myself to the bathroom.
Fake a phone call.
Offer to refill their drink.

Question 6/10
You accidentally knock someone over on the street. What do you do?
Stop and help them up.
Shout an apology as you keep walking.
Keep moving at a fast pace.

Question 7/10
Which jacket would you wear to a black tie event?
A jean jacket
A black blazer or sport coat
A leather jacket

Question 8/10
If you forgot someone's name while speaking to them, what would you do?
Find ways around mentioning their name.
Politely ask someone else after they walk away.
Take a shot in the dark.

Question 9/10
What must you do when you get an RSVP?
Send a maybe.
Answer promptly.
Accept the invitation.

Question 10/10
When do you arrive at a party?
10 minutes early
20 minutes early
Right on time
5 minutes late
You would easily earn an A+ in charm school! Congratulations, your manners and etiquette are totally on point. You know how to behave in nearly every social situation and always seem to do the right thing no matter how strange things may be. You're charming, proper, and always put together.

A+ Charm School Student
While you may not be the top of your charm school class, you could certainly earn high marks! You have great manners and always strive to be polite. Your only true downfall is not knowing all of the proper etiquette of high society social engagements. But let's be real, how often are you really going to be dining with the queen?

B+, Charm School Student
You're a C+ charm school student! It's obvious that you could use a bit of tutoring in the manners department. While you may say "please" and "thank you," the rest of your etiquette could definitely use a crash course in doing the right thing. Don't worry, there's still time to re-learn the basics!

C+ Charm School Student