Could You Make It As a Professional Waiter?

Many of us had our first jobs working in kitchens! It wasn't glamorous but it was a job. Do you think you could make it as a professional waiter in the modern day? It's not as easy as you think! Think on these 10 quiz questions and reveal the truth!

Question 1/10
What do you value most in a job?
Good hours
High pay
Time off
Supportive co-workers

Question 2/10
You have to start a shift at 2 PM on an Saturday afternoon. How do you feel?
Cheated, my whole Saturday is shot.
Okay, it's part of the job.
Like calling in sick and doing my own thing.

Question 3/10
Your boss gives you the choice of two sections, which one do you choose:
The busy one where I'll make the most money.
The slowest one, so I can get sent home early.
Whatever one they assign me to.

Question 4/10
As a waiter, you won't ever get a reliable paycheck. Are you good with budgeting?
Yes, I'm a pro at being frugal and budget savvy.
Somewhat, but I like to indulge.
Nope, I like to spend it as I make it.

Question 5/10
If your boss had to describe you in one word, they would choose:

Question 6/10
Sometimes appearance is everything in a restaurant. How would you describe look?

Question 7/10
You suspect a customer has sabotaged his own meal to get it for free. What do you do?
Call them out on it in front of everyone.
Speak to the manager behind closed doors.
Comp their meal and hope they never come back.

Question 8/10
You busted your butt serving a table of 12. They only left a 5% tip. Do you say anything?
Yes, I ask them what I could have done better.
Nope, that's the name of the game.
No, but I'd complain to my co-workers all night.

Question 9/10
Do you believe that teamwork matters?
Nope, it's every man for himself.
Yes, teamwork makes work much easier.
Sometimes, but I know when to strike out on my own.

Question 10/10
What's your attitude like on most days?
Somewhere in the middle
Based on the results of this quiz, you could definitely make it as a professional waiter. In fact, you'd be pretty great at it! You're patient, strong, and charming. You work well under pressure and are quick on your feet. With an amazing memory and an even better knack for keeping an even keel, you could handle the stress of being a waiter with ease. Now go invest in some good shoes!

You'd Make An Excellent Waiter!
Based on the results of this quiz, you would make a good waiter! You're a charming and sociable person who knows how to bring out a smile in everyone. You can diffuse any situation with ease, knowing full well how to stop a complainer right in their tracks. You're quick on your feet, resilient, and focused. If anyone can make it in this tough job, it's you!

You'd Make A Good Waiter!
Based on the results of this quiz, you'd most likely struggle as a waiter! As a shy introvert, you wouldn't love interacting with big groups of people on a daily basis, especially if they're the type to complain. You tend to take things very personally, which means tough customers could easily get under your skin. Though you're resilient and fun, you'd feel at odds with who you are at this job!

You'd Struggle As A Waiter!
Based on the results of this quiz, you could not be a professional waiter! Scratch waiter off of your list of potential careers, because it's simply not in the cards. Though you're quite charming and ambitious, you're not one to bite your tongue or hold back when others challenge you. Sometimes being a waiter means putting on a positive front, even when you feel like throwing water on an annoying customer! You've got the skills, but you lack the patience.

You Could Not Be A Professional Waiter!