Could You Help Your Grandpa Set Up A computer?

Grandpa just got a new computer and he needs help setting up! Do you have what it takes to get Grandpa online? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
Grandpa just got a computer. What kind of computer did he get?
I'm not sure he knows.

Question 2/10
When you arrive at Grandpa's house, he's already trying to set up his own computer. What's the first thing you do to help?
Get all the components together and tell Grandpa to wait.
Yell at Grandpa for mixing everything up.
Calmly read the instructions out loud.

Question 3/10
What's the first thing you should ask Grandpa?
Where do you want your computer set up?
Do you have wifi?
Can you do this?

Question 4/10
Say grandpa got a desk top. What do you need to do first?
Place the tower then connect the monitor.
Connect the mouse.
Connect any speakers.

Question 5/10
Grandpa wants to plug the computer directly into the wall. What do you say?
Sounds good to me!
You should probably use a surge protector.
Let me do it first!

Question 6/10
The computer is set up and Grandpa is already pressing random buttons. What do you do?
Explain to him what each button does, starting with power.
Tell him where the power button is.
Hand him the manual and tell him to read it.

Question 7/10
The computer is set up and connected to the internet. What do you do?
Explain to Grandpa how browser's work.
Pack up and leave, my job is done.
Open up a browser and start typing in websites.

Question 8/10
Grandpa wants a Facebook. What do you do?
Tell him to go to Facebook.
Tell him to type in
Ask him if he has an email address.

Question 9/10
Grandpa made it to Facebook. Now what?
Tell him to create an account with email and a password.
Create the account for him.
I'm already gone at this point.

Question 10/10
Grandpa needs a profile picture. What do you do?
Take a picture with my phone and upload it for him.
Ask him if he has any pictures of himself.
Search Grandpa's phone for photos.
Grandpa can definitely count on you to help him set up his computer! You're a tech savvy and patient person who wouldn't yell at Grandpa for not understanding what everything does and which cords go where. You know that this whole computer thing is pretty new to your grandpa, which is why you'd take your time in helping him set it up!

You Could Help Grandpa Set Up A Computer!
You could grandpa halfway while setting up his computer! Okay, so things would start out pretty smoothly. You're following the instructions and doing everything that you should. But once grandpa starts asking a lot of tech related questions, you're going to get a bit temperamental. You just don't always understand why grandpa doesn't get it! Remember, this is new to your grandpa, be patient!

You Could Get Grandpa Halfway There!
Grandpa's going to need to call in some professional help because you could not set up grandpa's computer. Sure, you might know all the steps by heart, but you don't have the patient to talk grandpa through the process or get him online. You think everyone should know how to do the things that you know how to do. Grandpa might be better off calling in the Geek Squad!

You Could Not Set Up Grandpa's Computer.