Could You Be A Personal Assistant For One Day?

Being a personal assistant might seem like a breeze, but keeping up with this demanding job isn't for everyone! Could you hack it as a personal assistant for just one day? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
What's your schedule like this week?
How should I know? I don't keep schedules.
It's booked solid, I plan every minute.
It's busy, but flexible.

Question 2/10
Are you organized?
I'm super organized, so much so, that I organize everyone's things!
Yes, I would say I'm organized.
Nah, not really.

Question 3/10
Your boss just got done with a grueling meeting and is pretty snappy. What do you do?
Offer to fetch their favorite latte order.
Stay out of their way.
Try to organize the rest of their day so it's easier.

Question 4/10
What's your greatest asset?
I'm creative.
I'm logical.
I'm patient.
I'm intelligent.
I'm fun.

Question 5/10
How much can you lift?
Around 10 pounds.
Around 20-30 pounds.
Around 50 pounds.

Question 6/10
Your boss confides in you with a personal problem. What do you do?
Keep it to myself, their trust means everything.
Tell my co-workers, this is too juicy!
It depends on the type of secret.

Question 7/10
You're out on the town with your pals when your boss calls you into work. What do you do?
Ignore the call, this is my time.
Immediately run to help.
Tell them I can't and apologize.

Question 8/10
When you wake up, do you know everything you're going to do that day?

Question 9/10
Which of the following things would you find most difficult to do?
Booking European travel arrangements.
Coordinating a spa day.
Organizing meetings at different locales.
Keeping tabs on coffee orders.

Question 10/10
Can you give a massage?
I can, but I won't.
Yes, of course.
Maybe, but probably not.
Based on the results of this quiz, you could hack it for one day as a personal assistant! Not everyone likes being told what to do, sent on coffee runs, or expected to be on call all hours of the day, but you can make it work. You're a genial people pleaser who knows that it takes hard work and a lot of menial tasks to make it to the top! You're poised for greatness.

You Could Hack It As An Assistant!
Based on the results of this quiz, you could possibly hack it as a personal assistant! While you're super organized, reliable, and always down to lend a hand, you don't always like being told what to do. More than that, you don't like feeling under appreciated! While you could surely rock it as a personal assistant for one day without breaking down, you wouldn't want this career for the long run!

You Could Possibly Hack It As An Assistant!
Based on the results of this quiz, you're not right for the job! Like so many people, it's hard enough keeping tabs on yourself let alone someone else. You tend to be a bit messy and hard to pin down, which is why you much prefer an open schedule to one that's booked all day long. You hate being told what to do and aren't one for authority! Being a personal assistant would be your personal nightmare.

You're Not Right For The Job!