Could You Actually Live Alone?

Some people are lone wolves made for a solitary life. Others need to be around people as much as possible! Are you the type of person who could actually live alone? Would life without a roommate drive you crazy? Let's find out with this revealing quiz!

Question 1/10
Would you say you're a rather forgetful person?
Yes, very.
Nope, never.

Question 2/10
It's a Friday night and your co-workers have invited you out. What's your answer?
I'll be there with bells on.
I might come out if I feel like it.
That's a no from me.

Question 3/10
When it comes to dishes, you tend to wash them...
As soon as a dirty them.
Once a day.
When they start to pile up.

Question 4/10
When it comes to space, you always like to have...
Just enough space to not feel cramped.
Lots of extra space for my belongings.
As little space as possible, I'm efficient.

Question 5/10
If you heard a knock on the door and no one else was there...What would you do?
Hide under the covers, could be a burglar.
Answer the door.
Peer out a window or peep hole before answering.

Question 6/10
It's been a long day and you're in need of some dinner. What are you most likely to do?
Order some takeout.
Meet a friend.
Whip something up in the kitchen.

Question 7/10
Most of the time, being around other people makes you feel...
Totally drained.

Question 8/10
Which sounds like the perfect Sunday to you?
Curling up with a good book and my pet.
Hitting the farmer's market.
Meeting a friend for Brunch.

Question 9/10
People are most likely to describe you as...
An open book.
A locked vault.
A total mystery.

Question 10/10
Are you someone who falls asleep with a TV on?
Yes, always.
No, I like silence.
Not only could you live alone, but you'd thrive on your own! As a highly independent person, you covet space. You like to have lots of little areas and nooks for your things. While some people need to talk or be around others, you're just as content being alone with a good book and your trusty pet. In fact, sometimes you can feel drained when you're around people too much!

You'd Thrive On Your Own!
Most of the time, you would truly enjoy living on your own! As someone who needs a lot of privacy and personal space, being alone would give you the freedom to do as you please and take up some much needed universal room. However, you're someone who can easily become lonely, which might mean you'd need to step outside of your home for a bit of human interaction.

You Would Enjoy Life Alone Sometimes!
Let's be real, you're a social butterfly who would absolutely hate living alone! Not only would you detest all of the extra responsibility, but you love having someone around to hang out with and vent to on a hard day. You're not someone who likes to have privacy or space. Instead, you're an open book who loves to share and be around people as often as possible.

You Would Hate Living Alone!