Complete These 10 Google Search Terms and We’ll Tell Your Best Personality Trait!

By completing these 10 common Google search terms, we can reveal your most attractive personality trait! Ready to find out just how revealing your searches actually are? To the quiz!

Question 1/10
Complete the search: _______ near me.
Fried chicken
Happy hours
Things to do

Question 2/10
Complete the search: How do you___________?
Make someone fall in love with you
Change a tire
Bake a cake for
Travel for cheap
Impress someone at work

Question 3/10
Complete the search: What is ________?
The weather like today
The latest news
Trending on Google
For dinner tonight
A good place to travel to

Question 4/10
Complete the search: When is ________?
The Super Bowl
The Fourth of July
The new iPhone coming out

Question 5/10
Complete the search: Cheap and affordable ________.
Things to do

Question 6/10
Complete the search: How long does it take ________?
To fly to Europe
For food to digest
To pay off a loan
For nails to dry
Close on a house

Question 7/10
Complete the search: When was _______?
World War II
The Kennedy Assassination
The last full moon
The Titanic voyage
The Queen Coronated

Question 8/10
Complete the search: What to do when.....
You have the flu
Your dog is sick
You see a bear
Someone is choking
You find money

Question 9/10
Complete the search: Where can I________?
Watch HBO for free
Have a check cashed
Buy a case of beer
Go on a date
Adopt a pet

Question 10/10
Complete the search: Why does _______?
Daylight savings time exist
He not like me
My dog pee on everything
My stomach hurt
My sister get everything
Based on your Google searches, your best personality trait is being very open! You're as open minded as they come. You're always willing to give new people a chance and try new things. You aren't quick to judge and you always give others the benefit of the doubt.

You're Open!
Based on your Google search results, your best personality trait is being very adaptable! You're able to quickly adapt and feel comfortable in just about any situation. You're great at reading a room and knowing how to react in a certain environment. No wonder you're so charming!

You're Adaptable!
Based on your Google search results, you're highly conscientious! You always give a lot of thought to the things you do and how your actions may affect others. You're very empathetic and kind, with a deep understanding of how the world works and how people ought to treat one another.

You're Conscientious!
Based on your Google search results, your best trait is being very humorous! It's undeniable, you can tickle anyone's funny bone. You're witty and clever, with a sense of humor that others simply can't resist. You're great at reading a room and even better at coming up with jokes on the spot.

You're Humorous!
Based on your Google search results, your best trait is being very resilient! You can overcome any obstacle and rise above challenges like only a resilient person can. You're strong and confident, with a deep sense of who you are and what matters in life.

You're Resilient!