Can You Read Other’s Minds?

Do you know what others are thinking?

Question 1/10
If you just glance at someone, can you usually know how they feel?
All the time
Quite often
Not really

Question 2/10
Are you ever surprised when someone tell you they're upset?
Yeah because I never see it coming
Not really
No I'm not

Question 3/10
Are you the type of person who needs hints?
Yes I am
Of course not

Question 4/10
Do you like to spend time alone meditating and reflecting?
Yes I do
No I don't

Question 5/10
What's the easiest way for you to learn a new skill?
With hands on experience
By studying
Being told how to do it

Question 6/10
Would you say you're an intuitive person?
No I'm not

Question 7/10
Can you recognize your emotions as you experience them?
Yes I can
No I cannot

Question 8/10
Do you make friends easily?
Not at all

Question 9/10
How would you describe yourself?

Question 10/10
Have you ever been told you're a good listener?
All the time
No idea if I have been
You seem to always know what someone is thinking. Just with a glance, you can usually guess what's on their mind. You most likely have a strong intuition or emphatic nature that helps you read them like a book.

You Can Perfectly Read Someone's Mind
You usually have no complications picking up on what others are thinking about. You're a pretty knowledgeable person who's great at reading body gestures and emotions.

You're Pretty Good At Reading Minds
You're not usually very good at picking up on what others may be thinking unless you're close to them. When you're close to someone, you usually can always know what they're thinking.

You're Okay At Reading Others
You usually have a pretty difficult time guessing what may be on someone's mind. You're not usually good at picking up emotions or behavior clues in order to guess their thoughts.

You're Not The Best At It