Can We Reveal Your Hidden Sibling Jealousy?

As much as we love our siblings, there can always be a bit of jealousy hidden beneath. Can we guess the reason why you're secretly jealous of your sibling? Is there something you need to talk about today? Answer these 10 quiz questions and find out. You might just improve your sibling relationship!

Question 1/10
How often did you wear hand-me-downs as a kid?
All the time, that's all I had.
Every now and then, if something was high quality.
Never, I always got my own clothes.

Question 2/10
Where do you fall in the birth order of your family?
I'm the oldest.
I'm the youngest.
I'm in the middle.

Question 3/10
You give your sister/brother a far more expensive present than they got you for Christmas. At the family dinner, you...
Make a few jokes about Scrooge.
Quietly moan to your partner.
Keep it to yourself.
Angrily storm out.

Question 4/10
A distant aunt dies leaving you $1,000 but your sister/brother nothing. What do you do?
Call them up and let them know.
Keep it a secret.
Split it with my siblings, it's only right.
Brag about it.

Question 5/10
Growing up, did you feel like your sibling got away with more than you did?
Most definitely, they were the "golden" child.
Every now and then, but it was pretty equal.
Not at all, we were punished the same.

Question 6/10
Would you say your sibling is more attractive than you?
Most definitely, they got all the good genes.
In some ways, but we look fairly similar.
No, if anything I'm the better looking one.

Question 7/10
Which of you has received the most honors?
They did.
I did.
It was equal.

Question 8/10
Which parent were you closer to?
My mother
My father
I was close to both
I wasn't close to either
Something else

Question 9/10
You found out your sibling has had a stroke of bad luck. What do you do?
Think "It's about time!"
Call them up and see how they are.
Call my parents to get the gossip.
Feel a bit giddy with delight.
Feel bad for them, but do nothing.

Question 10/10
Who gets the better Christmas gifts?
We get the same kind of stuff.
They do, it's so unfair!
Some years I do, sometimes they do.
I do, what a relief!
Your jealous because you feel as if your sibling might just be the family favorite! As much as your parents may say that they don't play favorites, you seem to feel differently. After all, they've always gotten off quite a bit easier than you!

Your Sibling Might Be The Favorite.
You might be jealous of your sibling because you feel they're more accomplished than you. Sometimes, it just seems like your sibling has it all. The great job, the relationship, the car....the list goes on. Whenever you see them, it just feels like they're rubbing it in. You can't help but feel a bit jealous! Remember though, comparison is truly the thief of joy. Don't let yourself get robbed of a happy life.

They're More Accomplished Than You.
Your issues with your sibling stems from your insecurity over their looks. In fact, you've always felt like they were better looking than you. Perhaps, people even often commented on just how attractive your sibling is. While your sibling may be attractive, remember that you're beautiful too. There are different types of beauty and no one is quite like you!

They're Better Looking.
Your sibling jealously or rivalry has less to do with your sibling and more with the double standard put forth by your parents! Let's face it, the things you got in trouble for were nothing more than a slap on the wrist for your sibling. It just seemed like there was a definite double standard when it came to right/wrong.

You Feel There's A Double Standard.
You've always felt as if you were living in your siblings shadow. More successful, dashing, and overall accomplished, you just can't seem to break free or find your own light. Though it can be hard to feel like you're just muddling along, one day you'll find your own path and truly shine.

You Feel Like You Live In Their Shadow.