Can We Predict Your Next Big Life Change?

Ready or not, change is coming! Take this quiz to find out how it will affect YOUR life.

Question 1/10
Which job appeals to you most?
Financial Analyst
Marine Biologist
Wedding Planner
Travel Blogger

Question 2/10
Which of these hobbies do you enjoy doing most?

Question 3/10
Imagine you're a young adult ready to start living your own life. Which of the following is top priority for you?
Starting a family
Getting ahead in your career
Always learning more every day
Seeing the world

Question 4/10
Pick a pet!

Question 5/10
What type of interior decor scheme would you decorate your dream home with?
Shabby Chic
Bold & Colorful

Question 6/10
What's your signature dance move?
Salsa dancing
The robot
The cabbage patch
Disco style

Question 7/10
Which chore do you HATE doing the most?
Cleaning the bathroom
Washing dishes
Doing laundry

Question 8/10
What type of student were you when you went to school?
Great, motivated student
Always curious

Question 9/10
Which do you like watching more?
The sunrise
The sunset

Question 10/10
What motto do you like to live by?
Adventure is out there!
Winners never quit, and quitters never win.
Love with no regrets.
Curiosity NEVER killed the cat.
You are a hard worker, always driven and determined to do better and accomplish your life goals. Lucky you! All your hard work is going to pay off soon, and whether it be inspiration to take your career in a new direction or an award, recognition, or raise in the job you currently have, you will see yourself faced with a chance to advance your career soon! Be sure to recognize it and take full advantage of it.

Career Advance
You have a very curious mind. You're always wondering 'why?' and 'what if?' and 'how?' You love learning new and interesting things. In the near future, you will come across a great learning opportunity - something that will intrigue and amaze you. Be sure to recognize it and take full advantage of it!

Learning Opportunity
You are very in tune with your own feelings and the feelings of others. You are kind-hearted and welcoming, always thinking about your friends and family. Whether you already have a significant other in your life or don't have one at the moment, you will see a romantic shift soon! It may be a small one, or it may be one that will change your life forever, but it's coming and you should be ready!

Romantic Shift
You have an explorer's spirit. You love seeing new places, meeting new people, and experiencing new things. You get your adrenaline rush from trying something you've never done before. Soon, there will be a chance for you to embark on a big life adventure! Be sure to recognize this chance and take full advantage of it!

Big Adventure