Can We Guess Your Strength?

Everyone has their own talents and strengths! While you may indeed have many, this quiz will pick out your most dominant based on how you answer these questions! Click now to start.

Question 1/10
Are you a male or female?
It's complicated!

Question 2/10
Cake or pie?
Neither/No preference

Question 3/10
Which is more beautiful to you - sunsets or sunrises?

Question 4/10
On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the easiest, how easy is it for you to strike up a conversation with a complete stranger?

Question 5/10
How often do you volunteer your time or donate your money to worthy causes?
Very Often

Question 6/10
You're going on a road trip. Which responsibility would you most likely take on?
Choosing which cool roadside stops to visit
Picking the road trip playlist
Mapping out the route
Packing snacks and other must-haves for everyone
Making sure everyone's agreed on the plans

Question 7/10
Would you ever consider doing a stand up comedy act, even just once?

Question 8/10
What kind of high school student were you?
Mr/Miss Popular
Very Smart & Focused
The Rebel
Class Clown
Always Volunteering

Question 9/10
Where is your ideal first date location?
Concert/Group Date
Cool Museum Exhibit
Comedy Club
Picnic in the Park
Mountain Hike

Question 10/10
Which word best describes your closest friend?
You are outgoing and friendly. You have a knack for perceiving people and responding to what they need. You're fun and always able to be there for your friends and support them no matter what. You're able to network with lots of people, and you are very well-loved because of these special qualities. Your strength is your social skills!

Social Skills
You are focused, driven, and determined to succeed. Your ambition is matched by very few, and you have such a killer work ethic. Because of this, you often find success in whatever you set your mind out to do. You are able to be reasonable and subjective when looking at whatever situation is put in front of you, and because of this, others look to you for advice and mediation. Your strength is your intelligence!

You are funny, zany, and just a bit crazy. You're always able to find the good in others and the silver lining in any cloudy situation. Your family and friends know that you're the perfect person to go to whenever they need a bit of cheering up. Your bubbly personality is absolutely infectious, and your jokes are always spot on. Your strength is your humor!

You are caring, warm, and welcoming to people from all walks of life. You have a heart of gold. You're happiest when others are happy, and you have such a strong need to care for others. You constantly practice gratefulness and loyalty, and everyone who you love knows they're lucky to know you. Your strength is your selflessness!

You are outgoing, a true adrenaline lover. You've been on so many crazy adventures because of your up-for-anything attitude. Your family and friends know that when you get to scheming, they're in for a wild ride if they stick with you. You've definitely seized the day, and you live with no regrets. Your strength is your spontaneity!