Can We Guess Your Perfect Celebrity Stoner Buddy?

Question 1/10
What's the best shade of green?
Grass green
Lime green
Hunter green
Neon green
Mint green

Question 2/10
How often do you smoke?
Once a week.
On special occasions.
A few times a month.

Question 3/10
Pick your favorite decade:
The 60s
The 70s
The 80s
The 90s
I like things right now!

Question 4/10
What time of day do you smoke?
In the morning
In the afternoon
At night
Whenever the mood strikes me.

Question 5/10
Who is your favorite Brady Bunch character?

Question 6/10
Pick a snack:
Potato chips

Question 7/10
What kind of stoner are you?
The lazy stoner
The talkative stoner
The story teller
The chemist
The half asleep stoner

Question 8/10
Are you high right now?
Very high
A little high
Not high at all

Question 9/10
How would you describe yourself when you're not high?

Question 10/10
What would you most want to smoke out of?
A hand pipe
A bong
A vaporizer
Rolling papers
Your celebrity stoner buddy is Seth Rogan! When you smoke (or just chill), you want to feel as relaxed as possible. You love to trade jokes and clever insults with buddies and just chow down on all the junk food you're not supposed to eat. Seth Rogan is the ultimate stoner buddy for you!

Seth Rogan
Your celebrity stoner buddy is Kristin Bell! Let's face it, you're not the type to smoke every single day. When you do smoke, you want to be surrounded by people who can make you laugh and forget about your problems. With a killer sense of humor and an awesome sense of compassion, Kristin is your perfect celebrity stoner buddy!

Kristin Bell
Your perfect celebrity stoner buddy is Woody Harrelson! Have you ever gotten so stoned that you laughed until you cried or forgot what you were even laughing about? Yeah, we though so. For you, marijuana is almost a spiritual exercise in having a good time. Who better than one of the original stoners to accompany your next burn session?

Woody Harrelson
Your perfect celebrity stoner buddy is Whoopi Goldberg! Much like you, Whoopi is outspoken and passionate. When you get high, you love to talk about anything and everything under the sun. Nothing is off limits. Your perfect stoner buddy is someone who can keep up with your rants and clever tirades.

Whoopi Goldberg
Your perfect celebrity stoner buddy is Matthew McConaughey! Alright, alright, alright. You're a laid back stoner who doesn't like to take life too seriously. When you're high, it's like colors are more vivid and life is just a little bit sweeter. Who better than the original stoner to keep you company during a marijuana chill sesh?

Matthew McConaughey
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Everyone has a perfect celebrity stoner buddy, but which famed stoner is yours? Should you be hanging out with Seth Rogan? How about Kristen Bell? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!