Can We Guess Your Most Embarrassing Phase?

Every one of us went through an embarrassing phase, but can we guess which one was most embarrassing for you? Answer these 10 enlightening quiz questions and we'll guess your worst phase in life! Ready? Begin!

Question 1/10
Where would we find a teenage you on a Friday night?
At a house party.
At a bar or club with my fake ID.
Supporting the football team.
Hanging out with my close friends.
Watching movies alone.

Question 2/10
Did you like high school?
It was pretty much hell on earth.
It was a lot of fun! Why did people hate it?
It was okay, nothing special.

Question 3/10
What was your average GPA?
I barely graduated.

Question 4/10
What word would you use to describe your high school friend group?
Define "friend"

Question 5/10
What was your relationship like with your parents?
Great! We never had an issues.
They never understood me.
It was up and down the whole time.

Question 6/10
Did someone ask you to prom?
More than one person asked me.
My boyfriend/girlfriend.
Nope, just went with friends.
I didn't go at all actually.

Question 7/10
Do you use android or iPhone?
I don't know, do flip phones count?

Question 8/10
Which extra-curricular did you do?

Question 9/10
On a scale of 1-10, how good of a friend do you think you were?

Question 10/10
If you could relive high school for just one day, would you?
Yes, that would be so much fun!
Heck no!
Nah, that time of life is in the past.
We think the most embarrassing phase you went through is your skater kid phase! Vans sneakers, a big oversized beanie, and a general disdain for authority. You fought the law at every turn and somehow the law always won.

Your Skater Kid Phase
We think the most embarrassing phase you went through is your brooding phase! Everything sucks. That was your motto for a few years during this phase. No matter how great things were, you always found a reason to sulk, brood, and generally just be a bit of a suck on everything.

The Brooding Phase
We think the most embarrassing phase you went through was your punk phase! Studded leather jacket, black lipstick, and a disdain for any kind of authority or government. You truly wanted to change the world via revolution. Unfortunately, you did a lot of embarrassing things trying to start that revolution!

The Punk Phase
The most embarrassing phase you went though was the "embarrassed by my parents" phase. You likely still cringe about this phase every now and then! Sadly, you went through a phase where everything your parents did was truly embarrassing and mortifying. You may have even had them drop you off miles from your destination!

The "Embarrassed By My Parents" Phase
The most embarrassing phase you went through was your "foreign film" phase! For awhile, all you would watch were subtitled black and white movies. You likely even owned a beret and took on a French accent. We're not judging you, but what?

The Foreign Film Phase