Can We Guess Your First Car?

Do you think we can?

Question 1/10
What color was your first car?
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Question 2/10
How long did you drive it for?
Less than 5 years
5-10 years
10-15 years
15-25 years
I still drive it
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Question 3/10
How did you feel about your car?
I loved it
I liked it
I hated it
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Question 4/10
Would you consider it a sought over classic?
Definitely not
Not really
Yes definitely
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Question 5/10
How fast do you usually like to drive?
Terrifyingly fast
Somewhat fast
Very slow
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Question 6/10
How old were you when you got your car?
Under eighteen
Over eighteen
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Question 7/10
Would you say your first car was an expensive purchase?
Yes, it cost me a lot
I didn't buy it
Not it wasn't
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Question 8/10
Which was a must for your first car?
Had to be trendy
Had to be reliable
Had to be affordable
Had to be fast
I didn't really have a must
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Question 9/10
Was your car's image important to you?
Of course
Not really
Not at all
It was the most important
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Question 10/10
Fastest you ever drove in the car?
Never pushed 60mph
About 70mph
About 85 mph
Probably 90 mph
Way more than 100mph
This powerful yet classy looking car was the first you e ever had.

Chevrolet Impala
While this car may not have been the prettiest, it got you places which is all that mattered.

Ford Escort
A car that definitely has some looks is the one that was your first

Oldsmobile Cutlass
This beautiful yet tough looking car was your first.

Ford Mustang
This classic car is definitely a beautiful one and also was your first car.

Chevrolet Bel Air
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