Can We Guess Your Favorite Season?

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What do you like to do after a long, stressful week to clear your mind?
Nice long walk
Sitting in front of the fireplace with a book
Going to the park for some bird watching
Nice long drive

Question 2/10

Which dessert brings back childhood memories?
Apple pie
Sugar cookies
Ice cream

Question 3/10

Which pair of shoes fits your personality?
Flip flops
Dress shoes

Question 4/10

Which two colors would you wear together?
Orange /Green
None Of the above

Question 5/10

Which of these top do you feel more comfortable in?
Tank top

Question 6/10
Well enjoying the great outdoors what activities do you look forward to the most?
None of the above

Question 7/10

If money wasn't an issue where would you put a house?
Ocean front

Question 8/10

What bug gives you a creepy feeling under your skin?

Question 9/10
Which of these month's do you look forward to the most?
December, January, February
March, April, May
June, July, August
September, October, November,

Question 10/10

Which of these flower makes you think of someone special in your life?
None of the above
Summer is the hottest time of year, where the days are the longest and the nights are the shortest. This makes it perfect for swimming, boating, grilling or getting that tan you've been waiting for all year. As the sun goes down, you can go for a nice peaceful walk along the beach and watch the sunset. Just to get out with friends and family makes the day complete.

Summer is your favorite season!

Spring is the time of year where the weather starts to warm up and the flowers begin to bloom. Spring brings so many beautiful colors to the earth and makes you feel alive. You start to hear the birds singing again and the animals moving among us. Spring lets you enjoy the outdoors again with friends and family. You can open your window and let the fresh air in after months of your home being closed up for winter.

Spring is your favorite season!

Fall is the time of year when the weather starts to cool down and the leaves start to change colors from green to brown, orange, and yellow. This makes it perfect for gathering with friends and family, and going on hayrides though the pumpkin patches and apple orchards. This is the time for bonfires, drinking warm apple cider, and enjoying the last of the warm weather.

Fall is your favorite season!

! Winter is the coldest season of the year as the temperatures drop below freezing and you see the beautiful white snow fall across the land. This snow makes it perfect for skiing, snowmobiling, sliding and ice fishing with friend and family. After you come in from the cold you can warm up with a nice hot cup of hot chocolate in front of the fireplace.

Winter is your favorite season!

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