Can We Guess Your Dream Career?

From the time you were young, you likely had some idea of what you wanted to be when you grew up. Perhaps, it was even a long held dream! Can we guess your true dream career based on how you answer these questions? Click start to find out. After all, your dreams are waiting!

Question 1/10
Would you say you're more or less creative than most people?
More creative, I have a rich imagination.
I'm kind of creative.
I'm a bit average.
I'm definitely less creative.

Question 2/10
Are you easily offended?
Yes, I hate when people can't watch what they say.
Sometimes, it depends on the subject.
Nope, nothing ruffles my feathers.

Question 3/10
You'd describe your personality as...
A bit of both

Question 4/10
Which of these best describes your ideal Saturday night?
Date night with my beau!
A dinner party with new people.
A dinner out and a movie.
The couch and my TV.
A barbecue with friends.

Question 5/10
If you had to eat a dessert, you'd say...
Any kind of cake please!
Something cool and refreshing.
Anything with some chocolate.
Give me all the pie!
I don't really like dessert.

Question 6/10
Finish this sentence: I like to...
Help people
Think and write
Make the world better
Solve problems
Create or fix

Question 7/10
What environment would you most want to work in?
The great outdoors
A swanky office
A solitary room
A laid back start up
It depends on the day

Question 8/10
What's more relaxing?

Question 9/10
You find it easier to talk with...
It depends...

Question 10/10
You're more...
Old fashioned
Unique in my own way
We think you've always dreamed of becoming a therapist! Wildly compassionate and great at piecing together puzzles, you're someone who loves to deep dive into the problems of others. You're an active listener who has the unique ability to truly empathize with people from all walks of life. Deep down, this is the career you've always wanted.

We think you've always dreamed of becoming a novelist! Not only do you have a rich imagination, but since childhood, you've been apt at building new worlds and characters. Writing is a true passion for you, as is creating a new reality for yourself and those who read what you right. In a perfect world, you'd be the next J.K. Rowling!

You've always dreamed of becoming a lawyer! Not only have you always had a fascination with the law, but you've always been one to fight for those who can't fight for themselves. Intelligent and driven, a career in law would have given the purpose and fulfillment you've always wanted from a career.

We believe that your dream career is teaching! You're the rare person that is equal parts creative and logical. Not only are you an avid book learner, committed to amassing knowledge, but you're a creative powerhouse with a grand imagination. To harness both of your powers, you've always wanted to teach.

You've always dreamed of a career in medicine! Highly intelligent and driven, you want to use your passion to help others, even if it means not having time for yourself. You've always been drawn to the complex world of medicine and even medical research. You know that both have the ability to change and save lives!