Can We Guess Your Dominant Character Trait?

You may think it's a secret, but we actually know your dominant character trait! Take this quiz to find out what it is!

Question 1/10
Choose a hobby!
Knitting sweaters for others
Mountain climbing
Volunteering to help others
Something more unique to me!

Question 2/10
Choose a movie genre!
Romantic comedy
Historical drama
I'd rather read a book!

Question 3/10
Choose a delicious snack!
Fudge brownie
Healthy strawberries
Super spicy tortillas
Something more interesting than any of these!

Question 4/10
Which animal would you be most likely to choose for a pet?
Rescue dog
Tarantula spider

Question 5/10
Surprise! You've won the lottery! What might you do first?
Give a large amount to charity
Help family and friends
Go on an around the world adventure!
Buy a mansion!
Take up extreme sports!
All of these options are too boring! I'm more unique!

Question 6/10
You've got lots to be proud of, but try to choose what you have the most pride in!
My compassion
My intelligence
My emotional strength and resilience
My courage in any situation
Something more unique to me!

Question 7/10
Choosing one word to describe someone as amazing as you? That's pretty hard. But take a moment to try below!
Something more unique than any of these!

Question 8/10
Hmmm... Which color should you choose?
Bright red
Pale blue
Burgundy red

Question 9/10
Guess what? You have the chance for a night out! What are you going to do?
Dinner for two
An amazing cultural carnival!
A book reading
Taking out a friend who feels down
Dancing, dancing, and more dancing!

Question 10/10
In a parallel universe, which of these jobs would you be doing?
Community organizer
Social worker
University professor
You are super sweet! Everyone loves your personality, and finds you to be incredibly kind and loving. Everything about you is sweet, from your appearance and your style, to your wonderful disposition.

Your dominant character trait is kindness! You are an incredibly kind and loyal friend, and you show compassion to everyone and everything around you. People depend on you, and look up to you as an exemplary human being.

Your dominant character trait is boldness! You are brave and adventurous, and you are determined to live life to the fullest. People see you as someone they want to be more like. They wish they could be as confident as you are.

Your dominant personality trait is courage! You are strong and intelligent, and you know you can overcome any challenge that life presents you with. People admire your resilience, and wish they could be more like you. You are truly a courageous human being.

Your dominant trait is intelligence! You are incredibly smart and quick-thinking, and people always admire your clever conversation. You are truly intellectual, and you can accomplish anything you set your mind to.