Can We Guess Your Biggest Flaw?

Hey, nobody's perfect, not even you. We've all got flaws. Some of us flaunt them and some of us bury them deep. Do you think we can guess your biggest flaw? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10
In your group of friends, what is typically your role?
The peacekeepr
The group photographer
The entertainer
The shoulder to cry on
The doer

Question 2/10
How have most of your romantic relationships ended?
On a sour note
On a loud note
On a good note
With me bawling my eyes out begging them to stay
With me doing the talking

Question 3/10
Who has always been your favorite classic cartoon character?
Charlie Brown
Mickey Mouse
Winnie the Pooh
Bugs Bunny

Question 4/10
Were you ever bullied in high school or grade school?
All the time unfortunately
No not really
I got teased every now and again

Question 5/10
If you were to partake in a play, what role would you want to play?
Lead actor/actress
Supporting actor/actress
Set designer
Background player
Costume designer

Question 6/10
How likely are you to spend a large amount of money on a bag or item of clothing?
Highly likely
Somewhat likely
Highly unlikely

Question 7/10
Which trait is a total turn off in a potential mate?
Self centeredness
Over sensitive
Social media addict

Question 8/10
Someone just dropped a wallet in front of you. What do you do?
Run after them to give it back
Keep it and then call them later
Take out any cash and then leave it on the sidewalk
Nothing I just leave it

Question 9/10
Who is your favorite Disney princess?
Snow white

Question 10/10
When it comes to friends I believe in ____________.
Quality over quantity
Quantity over quality
Quality and quantity
Your biggest flaw is that you're addicted to social media! Social media can be a blast, if it's used in moderation. However, you tend to use social media as a means of validation and to escape the real world. Life is happening in the now! Put down your phone and stop to smell the roses.

Social Media Addict
Your biggest flaw is that you're a tad judgmental! Like so many of us, you often judge a book by it's cover. You have the inclination to judge others based on how they dress and what they like. We know it's difficult to not judge, but you'll find out that everyone has something to offer, even those you initially deem as flawed.

Your biggest flaw is that you're impatient! When waiting in a long line, are you the person impatiently tapping your foot and checking the time? We thought so. Nothing drives you crazier than having to wait. But remember, patience is a virtue. Sometimes waiting is a good thing!

Your greatest flaw is that you're a bit over sensitive! Like so many of us, you can easily feel hurt by the words of others, even joking asides. You've been told that you need to not take thing so seriously, but it's not quite that easy. We know how hard it is to overcome pain. Just remember to smile and not let the little things get under your skin!

Over Sensitive
Your greatest flaw is that you're a bit self centered! Like most of us, you can easily lose track of how your actions and emotions can effect those around you. Sometimes you act purely based on how something will benefit or help you, rather than how it might hurt someone else.

Self Centered