Can We Guess Your Age By Your General Knowledge?

We'll ask you some basic questions, and then we'll guess your age. Take this quiz to see if we're correct!

Question 1/10
Which of the following countries does the United States most strongly advise its citizens NOT to travel to?
North Korea

Question 2/10
Which color is the most calming?
Baby blue
Forest green

Question 3/10
Who did Taylor Swift most recently break up with?
Adam Young
John Mayer
Calvin Harris

Question 4/10
Who famously sang 'Animal Crackers in My Soup?'
Bette Midler
Marilyn Monroe
Shirley Temple

Question 5/10
Which of the following brands is NOT a related to fashion?
Wet Seal
Hot Topic
Tropik Heat

Question 6/10
Who is the current Secretary of State of the United States?
Hillary Clinton
John Kerry
Condoleeza Rice

Question 7/10
Who is the father of Kourtney Kardashian's children?
Sean Disick
Scott Disick
Sam Disick

Question 8/10
Who sang opposite music artist Nelly in the hit song 'Dilemma?'
Kelly Rowland

Question 9/10
Which US amendment to the Constitution has been hotly discussed in around the country lately?

Question 10/10
Which of the following is NOT the name of a country?
Vatican City
You're very knowledgeable about the latest fads, trends, and pop culture news! No one knows Taylor Swift and the Kardashians better than you. However, your lack of knowledge about classic Hollywood stars and films makes us think you might be a teenager?

You are up-to-date with the latest in fashion and pop culture AND you can still rock it out to old school Britney Spears and Jenny right after she left "the block." Are you in your twenties?

You have a very good head on your shoulders. You may not know all about the latest fashion trends and pop culture icons, but you are indeed an expert on classic movies, books, and music. Are you in your thirties?

You are a wise soul - you have a breadth of knowledge about many things: classic movies, old school music, politics, current events, world news. The list goes on and one. However, you're not up to par with news of the latest fashion trends or pop culture. Are you in your forties?