Can We Guess Your Actual College Major?

Do you think that we can accurately guess your college major with just 10 questions? Take this quiz and unearth just how revealing your personality truly is!

Question 1/10
If you had to choose: pizza or ramen?
That's an impossible choice!

Question 2/10
Which instrument would you like to learn how to play?

Question 3/10
After college, did you live with your parents?
Yes, but only for a few months.
Yes, for a couple of years.
No, I went right off on my own.

Question 4/10
What do you worry about the most?
Job security
Finding love
What to eat next
The future

Question 5/10
What do you make yourself for breakfast to gear up for the long morning?
Cereal or oatmeal
Toast or a bagel
Just coffee
Whatever is left in the fridge
Eggs and bacon

Question 6/10
What season were you born?

Question 7/10
What did you like most about college?
The parties
The classes
Living with my friends
Growing as a person
The activities

Question 8/10
What do you do when you want to clear your head?
I read
I talk to a friend
I go for a walk
I watch TV
I listen to music

Question 9/10
What super-glamorous job would you love to have?
Tech CEO

Question 10/10
How often do you curse?
We believe your college major was psychology! It's clear that you've always been deeply interested in the mind and how individuals think/act everyday. You're empathetic and bright, with true sense of compassion. You definitely wanted to delve more into the human mind during your studies!

We believe your college major is political science! You've always been deeply interested i politics and history. From the first president to the Civil War, there's nothing about the history of the world that doesn't fascinate you. You've always been highly social and outgoing, with a deep love of talking, debating, and public speaking!

Political Science
We believe that your college major was education! You've always been a very wise and patient soul with a love of helping others. Not only have you always loved to lend a hand, but you're truly passionate about learning new things and expanding your mind. Education was definitely your major!

We believe that your college major was computer science! You've always bene a curious person who was fascinated with technology and progress. You're a natural born tinkerer who loves to solve problems and logically put together the pieces of a puzzle.

Computer Science
We believe that your college major was art and theater! You've always been a highly creative soul with a deep love of the spotlight. Not only do you enjoy being the center of attention, but you truly believe in the power of entertainment. You're all about drama, creation, and being with like minded individuals who share your passion for all things outside of the box!

Art And Theater

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