Can We Guess Which Name You Would Never Give To Your Child?

There are thousands of lovely names in the world...and then there are some that you would never ever give your child. Do you think we can guess which name you would never give your little bundle of joy? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
Why do you do most of your reading?
To keep up on information
For pleasure/fun
To escape reality

Question 2/10
Which kicthen appliance do you rely on most?
The microwave
The oven
The food processor
The coffee maker

Question 3/10
What drink do you reach for when you're thirsty?

Question 4/10
Are you religious or spiritual?
Kind of

Question 5/10
What's your take on unique baby names?
The more unique the better
Your kid should never be embarrassed
Embarrassment is key

Question 6/10
You're most likely to keep touch with a long lost friend via....

Question 7/10
What's the most important part of your living room?
The couch
The TV
The recliner
The coffee table

Question 8/10
At big family gatherings you spend most of your time....
Avoiding everyone
Catching up
Babysitting all the kids

Question 9/10
Which of these celebrities do you respect the most?
Michelle Obama
Donald Trump
Kim Kardashian
Tom Hanks

Question 10/10
What color would you paint your baby's nursery?
The name you would never give your child is Hashtag. Yes, that's a real name that someone actually gave their baby. Not only do you hate the whole hashtag trend, but you believe that a child's name should have some actual concrete meaning (that doesn't have to do with Twitter).

The name that you would never give your baby is Shay' Lenn! Maybe you're a traditionalist or maybe you just have good taste. One thing is for sure, you would have give your baby a name that sounds like multiple names crammed together.

Shay' Lenn
The name you would never give your child is Chairish. Sure Cherish might be a nice name, but Chairish sounds like your child is a bit like a chair. You would never give your baby a name that would lead to future ridicule and a lot of weird chair jokes.

The name you would never give your child is Khaleesi! It's your firm position that kids should never be named after TV or movie characters. Not only could that character turn out to be a real piece of dirt later on in the series, but trend names from TV shows tend to die out rather quickly.

The name you would never give your child is Elizabreth. What is an Elizabreth exactly? No one knows. Sure, Elizabeth is a pretty name and so is Beth, but when you take out both and add an R, things get strange. You're main goal when naming your child is for them to like it and for kids not to taunt them for it.