Can We Guess Which Country You’re From Based On These Etiquette Questions?

Do you think we can guess which country you're from based on these 10 etiquette questions? The answer may just be more revealing than you think!

Question 1/10
Where do you place your napkin when you're out to eat?
In my shirt collar
In my lap
On the table
Tucked into my pants

Question 2/10
Where do you hang your hat once in a restaurant?
On the back of my chair
On the table
On the coat rack
I hand it off to the waiter

Question 3/10
You sneeze and your friend hands you one of their cloth handkerchiefs. What do you do?
I give it back to them when I'm done
I put it in my pocket to keep
I take it home and wash it before returning it

Question 4/10
Which of the following is true in regards to escalator etiquette?
Never hold the handrail
Always stand on the right side
Always stand on the left side
Stand in the middle to allow traffic to flow around you

Question 5/10
It's your first attempt at line dancing, where do you stand?
In the middle of the floor to copy others
On the edge of the dance floor to learn
On the stage so others can see my moves

Question 6/10
You're bed ridden with a horrible cold. Your neighbor decides this is a great time to blast music. What do you do?
I call the cops
I call them directly
I walk over to their house to talk with them
I leave passive aggressive notes
I don't do anything

Question 7/10
Do you believe it's poor etiquette to miss an appointment?

Question 8/10
You just finished at the gym and there's sweat all over your bench. What do you do?
I clean it up, no one needs to sit in my sweat.
I leave it there, no one will notice.
I haphazardly wipe it off.

Question 9/10
You need to ask a co-worker a question and go to their cubicle, but, they're on the phone.What do you do?
Grab a pen and paper and write my message
I come back later
I stand there until they're finished
I talk anyway

Question 10/10
Is anything in the office fridge fair game?
Only if there's not a name on it
Based on your etiquette, we believe you’re from the United Kingdom! Not only do you seem to value manners and good etiquette, but you believe that these two things should still play a vital role in everyday life. With your manners, you could only hail from this great country!

United Kingdom
Based on your etiquette, we believe you’re from France! When it comes right down to it, you don’t really find etiquette to be that important. While manners have their time and place, there’s no need to fuss or worry about etiquette in everyday life. You believe in living life to the fullest without concern each and every day.

Based on your etiquette, we believe you’re from the United States! While manners are important to you in formal situations, they don’t play a huge role in everyday life. It’s not uncommon for you to be found eating with your hands, cursing like a sailor, and leaving it all hang out!

United States
Based on your etiquette, we believe you’re from Germany! You’ve got pretty good manners, but they don’t rule your life or determine how you behave on a daily basis. Etiquette has a time and place, but so does cutting loose and having a good time!

Based on your etiquette, we believe you’re from Japan! You’re all about following tradition and doing things the right way. You always practice proper etiquette, especially when dining out, attending meetings, and hanging out socially!