Can We Guess Where You’re From Based On Your Taste In Men?

Where we're from can often determine what we find attractive in the opposite sex. Do you think we can guess where you're from based on your taste in men? Take these 10 questions and find out!

Question 1/10
Do you believe that physical looks are more important than personality?

Question 2/10
Is it important to you that your partner dress well at all times?
If I look good, my man should look good too
If I'm putting in effort, I'd like my partner to put in effort as well
Fashion doesn't really matter to me
don't care how he dresses so long as he's himself

Question 3/10
Do you believe that opposites can last in a relationship?
Definitely. Opposites offset one another.
No way. You need to have common ground.
It's good to have some similarities and differences.

Question 4/10
What personality quirk would be a deal breaker for you in a relationship?
Excessive farting
Constantly interrupting
Talking down to you
Being impatient
Insensitive comments

Question 5/10
What trait do you find most important in a partner?
Sense of humor

Question 6/10
How spontaneous are you?
Very spontaneous
Somewhat spontaneous
Not spontaneous at all

Question 7/10
What color hair would you most prefer on a mate?
Dark brown
Light brown

Question 8/10
Do you like to be in the driver's seat in a relationship?
I like to share the duty

Question 9/10
Are you looking for a partner who is adventurous in bed?
No way

Question 10/10
What physical attribute attracts you to a man?
Amazing eyes
Good smile
Sense of style
Good hair
Great body
Based on your taste in men, we think you're from England! You like your men to be sarcastic, dry, and intelligent. You value good conversation over physical intimacy and don't place too much value on looks. You know that when it comes to an outstanding relationship, sense of humor and personality trump all.

Based on your taste in men, you are definitely from America! You like your men to be ambitious, driven, and hungry for the good life. Physically you prefer men that are tall, dark, and handsome. Good style is a must, especially when going out. You also want a mate who shares almost all the same interests as you.

Based on your taste in men, we think you're from France! You want a man who is sensitive, artistic, and well dressed. You yearn for someone who can go to gallery shows with you, share a good meal, and open up to you entirely. You want your man to be passionate, affectionate, and always ready for anything.

Based on your taste in men, we think you're from Germany! You love a man who has a raucous and amazing sense of humor. You also value strength, discipline, and strong values. Your ideal man has a heart of gold but is a little rough around the edges.

Based on your taste in men, we believe you're from Canada! Above all else, you value a man who is kind, compassionate, and always does the right thing. Physically you love the rugged type. Beards and flannel are a must. You want your man to have a sensitive side, but to also be good with his hands.