Can We Guess Where You’re From Based On Your Taste in Cocktails?

Can we accurately guess where you're from based on your taste in cocktails? It's time to find out how revealing your answers really are! Take these 10 quiz questions and reveal the truth!

Question 1/10
If you had to drink red wine, what kind of red wine would you drink?
Pinot noir
I don't know, whatever is cheapest!

Question 2/10
If you had to drink liquor, which liquor would you drink?

Question 3/10
Would you prefer your liquor straight up or on the rocks?
Straight up
On the rocks
In a cocktail

Question 4/10
If you had to mix your liquor with something, what would you mix it with?
Ginger Ale
Orange Juice

Question 5/10
What's your preferred cocktail garnish?
Sea salt

Question 6/10
Why do you typically drink?
It's the weekend!
It's something to do.
I need to forget my worries.
It's fun to cut loose.
I'm not sure.

Question 7/10
Who do you typically drink with?
My co-workers
My friends
My significant other
My parents
All by myself

Question 8/10
Pick an alcohol accessory:
Whiskey stones
Tiny umbrella
Frozen berries
Crazy straws
Wineglass mustache

Question 9/10
Pick a glamorous cocktail:
Old fashioned
Dry martini
Gin and tonic

Question 10/10
Who are you most likely to mistakingly drunk text?
My ex
My boss
My Mom
My partner
My best friend
Based on your taste in cocktails, you're likely from Oregon or somewhere in the Northwest! While you love a good craft beer, you also love a good old fashioned cocktail. You've been known to sip on sidecars, Manhattans, and dry martinis. You have a vintage soul that always embraces the past!

Based on your taste in cocktails, you're likely from Texas or the Southwest! You love a good margarita, especially if it's frozen and in a giant comical margarita glass! You're a vivacious and fun loving soul who sips on a cocktail to relax and have a good time. You're most definitely a social drinker and would never pass up a good cocktail with your best pals!

Based on your taste in cocktails, you're likely from New York! You love a good Manhattan or an old fashioned. For you, vintage liquor drinks are the foundation of a great night out on the town. You're both a social drinker and a solo drinker, which means you love a cocktail that can be sipped and enjoyed very slowly!

New York
Based on your taste in cocktails, you're likely from South Carolina! You love a good mint julep or a mojito, anything that's refreshing and classic! You love a drink that makes you feel good and can be enjoyed in the company of others. You're not the type who drinks to get drunk, you drink to relax and fully enjoy the moment you're in!

South Carolina
Based on your taste in cocktails, you're likely from Idaho or the midwest! You like any cocktail that's affordable, warming, and can stave off a bad day! You've been known to drink your fair share of vodka drinks and anything that can easily be mixed with soda or juice. You don't need a drink that's fancy or expensive, it just needs to take the edge off and help you to relax!