Can We Guess Where You Grew Up Based On Your Shopping Habits?

Do you think we can guess which region you grew up in based on your shopping habits? It's time to find out! Embark on this revealing personality quiz and discover what your shopping habits say about you!

Question 1/10
How do you do most of your shopping?
In person
A mix of both

Question 2/10
Where did you shop for clothes as a kid?
J.C. Penney

Question 3/10
Where did your parents buy their groceries?
Winn Dixie
Stop and Shop
Big Y
None of these

Question 4/10
What do you splurge on most often?

Question 5/10
How much is too much for a cup of coffee?

Question 6/10
As a kid, you took whatever money you had to buy what kind of candy?
Mallo Cups
Goo Goo Clusters
Necco Wafers
Turkish Taffy
Reese's Cups

Question 7/10
How often do you go grocery shopping?
Once a week
Twice a week
Three times a week
Four times a week
Every other week

Question 8/10
You stop to get some food on the way home from the mall. What do you get?
Dunkin Donuts
Burger King
In n' Out

Question 9/10
Did your area mostly have indoor or outdoor malls?
Indoor malls
Outdoor malls
A mix of both

Question 10/10
Do you prefer to shop alone or with others?
I like to shop alone
I like to shop with others
It depends on the day
Based on your shopping habits, you likely grew up in the Midwest! You're a very practical shopper who only really goes shopping when you have a certain item or need in mind. You're not one to go on wild shopping sprees or spend thousands on handbags. You have a very level headed and humble approach to shopping!

The Midwest
Based on your shopping habits, we believe that you grew up in the Northeast! Like many individuals from this region, you love to shop, buy new clothing, and own the latest and greatest in tech. You love to be on the cutting edge in every aspect of your life!

The Northeast
Based on your shopping habits, you likely grew up in the South! Your an old soul who takes a very practical approach to shopping. Though you love to indulge and buy things that aren't always needed, you tend to be more level headed in your shopping habits than most. As an old soul, you love to visit antiques shops, thrift stores, and flea markets!

The South
Based on your shopping habits, you likely grew up in the West! You're a truly complex shopper who is both practical and impractical in your shopping habits. While you don't impulse buy very often, you're not immune to the excitement of a good shopping spree or an expensive purchase. You love to do your shopping at outdoor malls, Mom and Pop boutiques, and one of a kind shops filled with goods you won't find anywhere else.

The West
Based on your shopping habits, you likely grew up in the Northwest! You're not one who likes to shop for fun or out of boredom. When you visit a store, you typically have something in mind. With a very practical approach to everyday life, you're not materialistic or vain in the slightest.

The Northwest