Can We Guess What You’re Really Hoping To Receive This Valentine’s Day?

If you're a Valentines Day loving guy or gal, then you're likely hoping for something very special on this day of romance! Can we guess what you're really hoping to receive this Valentine's Day? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
Where would you most like to have your next birthday party?
Paint ball course
Bowling alley
A nice restaurant
My house
Movie theater

Question 2/10
Which TV show would you most like to binge watch?
Game of Thrones
Gilmore Girls
Parks and Recreation
Breaking Bad

Question 3/10
What's your attitude towards Valentine's Day?
It depends on the year

Question 4/10
How long have you and your beau been together?
More than 5 years
3-4 years
1-2 years
A few months
A few days
I don't have a beau

Question 5/10
How are you feeling about life at this particular moment?
I'm enthusiastic about it
I'm a little down to be honest
I'm cautiously optimistic
I'm indifferent

Question 6/10
What's your favorite flower?

Question 7/10
Are you typically the giver in your relationship?

Question 8/10
Do you currently have any kids?
Not yet, but soon

Question 9/10
How cynical are you?
I'm not cynical whatsoever
I'm a bit cynical, especially on Valentine's Day
I'm cynical when the situation calls for it

Question 10/10
What was your most prized possession as a child?
My favorite stuffed animal
My favorite concert t-shirt
A piece of jewelry
My candy stash
I can't remember
Based on your personality, we're going to guess that you're hoping to receive concert tickets this Valentine's Day! Your favorite band is coming to town and you've been dropping a lot of hints. Do you think your message will be received?

Concert Tickets
The gift you're hoping to receive on Valentine's Day is a bouquet of flowers! You're a simple kind of person who doesn't need a lot to be happy. All you really want for Valentine's Day is a beautiful bouquet of your favorite flowers. Not only would it make your heart sing, but seeing them in the days after will leave you feeling cheery!

A Bouquet Of Flowers
The gift you're hoping to receive this Valentine's Day is a nice dinner out! Sure, flowers and chocolate are nice, but what you really want is an experience. For you, going out with your loved one would be the ultimate gift.

A Nice Dinner Out
The gift you're hoping to receive this Valentine's Day is your favorite candy! Nothing can get a heart beating faster than chocolate! All you really want is a boat load of your favorite candy to nosh on. Even better? A good movie and some company while you're eating it!

Your Favorite Candy
The gift you're hoping to receive this Valentine's Day is jewelry! Chocolates and flowers are great, but they don't stand the test of time. Some nice jewelry is all you really crave this Valentine's Day!