Can We Guess What You’re Grateful For This Thanksgiving?

Most of us are grateful for something, but what are you actually most grateful for this Thanksgiving? Can we guess what you'll be expressing gratitude for around the dinner table? Take these 10 quiz questions and find out!

Question 1/10
What is your favorite thing at the dinner table?
The turkey
The wine
The sweet potatoes
The dinner rolls
The conversation

Question 2/10
What will you be doing the day after Thanksgiving?
Going Christmas shopping
Sleeping off my food coma
Eating all the leftovers
Spending time with the family
Going to a movie

Question 3/10
How do you dress for Thanksgiving dinner?
My Sunday best
A nice shirt and slacks
Jeans and a sweater
Something with stretch
My football jersey

Question 4/10
What’s your favorite part of Thanksgiving?
The spirit of the holiday
Giving back to others
Being around those I love most
Eating expansive amounts of food
All of the good sales

Question 5/10
After Thanksgiving comes Christmas. What present do you want to find under the tree?
The latest tech gadget
Something warm and cozy
Gift cards or cash
Anything from the heart
Something food related

Question 6/10
How are you most likely to pitch in on Thanksgiving?
Washing dishes
Doling out dessert
Keeping the kids happy
Providing the wine
Setting up activities for the family

Question 7/10
Aside from your friends, how would people at work or school describe you?
Giving and adventurous
Smart and humorous
Charming and relatable
Loyal and friendly
Compassionate and caring

Question 8/10
Are you religious?

Question 9/10
Did you experience any big life changes this year?
I got a new job
I moved
I got married
I had a baby
I lost some weight

Question 10/10
Who is your idol?
My mother or father
My grandma or grandpa
My favorite celebrity
My best friend
My religious leaders
This Thanksgiving, you're most grateful for your family! There's nothing more important to you in this world than the love and company of your family. Not only are you grateful to be surrounded by people who love you unconditionally through thick and thin, but you're grateful for the health, wellbeing, and connection you share with your tribe.

You're Grateful For Your Family
This Thanksgiving, you're grateful for good health! Many people take good health for granted until they don't have it, but not you. You thank your lucky stars on Thanksgiving and everyday after that for good health, happiness, and total well being. You always try to live your life to the fullest, never taking what you've been given in vain.

You're Grateful For Good Health
This Thanksgiving, you're grateful for good friends! Friends are the family you are lucky enough to choose for yourself. Your friends are always by your side through thick and thin. Not only do you you rely on one another like family, but you treat one another like family. You consider yourself so lucky to have found friends that are loyal, dependable, and who love you unconditionally.

You're Grateful For Good Friends
This Thanksgiving, you're thankful for your job! While you'll always be thankful for your friends and family, this year you're particularly thankful for your job. Not only has your job allowed you to provide for your family, but it has lent you peace of mind like you've never had before!

You're Grateful For Your Job
This Thanksgiving, you're grateful for the lessons you've learned this year! Sure, you'll always be grateful for friends and family, but this year you're especially grateful for the challenges you faced in the year behind. Though they weren't quite so fun at the time, your proud of what you've learned and who you have become in the face of these great challenges.

Your Grateful For Lessons Learned