Can We Guess What Your Favorite School Subject Was?

Once a biology nerd, always a biology nerd.

Question 1/10
How much did you care about your grades in school?
Didn't care at all - I earned what I earned.
I wanted to do well, but I wouldn't cry over a B minus.
I was an overachiever and always wanted straight A's.

Question 2/10
What was your favorite school lunch?
Macaroni & Cheese
Meatloaf & Gravy
Fried Chicken

Question 3/10
How many friends did you have at school?
1-5 very close friends
About a dozen or so
I was friends with everyone!

Question 4/10
Choose a school snack!
Potato Chips
Chocolate Chip Cookies

Question 5/10
How soon in advance did you wake up to get ready for school?
About 2 hours
30 minutes to 1 hour
10 minutes - I was almost always late to class!

Question 6/10
What was your favorite game to play at recess?
Hide & Seek
Jump Rope

Question 7/10
How would you describe your elementary school self?

Question 8/10
When you were in elementary school, what did you want to be "when you grow up?"
Famous Athlete
Underwater Explorer
Actor or Actress
Fantasy Book Author

Question 9/10
What type of grades did you get back in elementary school?
I don't remember.
Pretty good grades, but they weren't perfect.
Straight A's!

Question 10/10
What piece of work or accomplishment are you still most proud of from your early school days?
The great painting that I did
The fastest mile record that I still hold
The essay that I wrote and got an A+ for
My first place science fair entry
My report on one of the US Presidents
You are creative and open-minded. Instead of learning from textbooks and study guides, you prefer to let your imagination flow and create things with your hands. Don't let anyone kill your creativity! Your favorite subject in school was art.

You have a way with words, whether they be spoken or written. You enjoy deep conversations, expressing yourself eloquently, and books that you can get lost in. You are an intellectual through and through! Your favorite subject in school was English.

You have a curious mind, always questioning "why?" and "how?" You enjoy experimenting and trying to quench this curiosity, and you aren't afraid to to get your hands dirty to do so! Your favorite subject in school was biology.

You have a fine appreciation for stories of the past because you know that, as they say, "history repeats itself," and learning from it can help us in our future. You enjoy tales of epic proportion - heroes, drama, suspense, and victory. Your favorite subject in school was history. Now, it's time to go make it into the history books!

You are free-spirited, unique, and spunky. You march to the beat of your own drum, and you rarely let anyone tell you how to live your life. Your favorite subject in school was surely recess.