Can We Guess What You Want To Do This Fall?

Can we guess what you really want to do this fall with just 10 simple personality questions? It's time to find out! Embark on this quiz and see if we can guess what you actually want to do this fall!

Question 1/10
What do you do when you’re not working?
I craft
I socialize
I excersize
I watch TV
I spend time with family

Question 2/10
What would you do if you won the lottery?
Help out others
Quit my job
Travel the world
Start a business
Spend, spend, spend

Question 3/10
What is your favorite way to relax?
With a warm bath
With a good book
With a glass of wine
With some good television
With a nice long walk

Question 4/10
What makes you laugh the most?
Animal videos
Physical comedy
Dry comedy
Fail videos
Babies or children

Question 5/10
What is your favorite holiday?
Fourth of July

Question 6/10
When people come to you for help, what do they usually want help with?

Question 7/10
What is your biggest pet peeve with modern technology?
Always having to be "on call"
Answering endless emails

Question 8/10
What gets you out of bed every day?
My family
My faith
My spouse
My cat or dog
My need to succeed

Question 9/10
What's the best part of fall?
The upcoming holidays
The weather
The activities
The food
The clothing

Question 10/10
If you could go back in time, would you?
No way
The thing you really want to do this fall is go apple picking! For you, autumn is all about going back to basics and spending some time enjoying the simple things in life. Apple picking not only gets you out of your house and into nature, but you can take the literal fruits of your labor and make some great pies, drinks, and treats for those you love!

Go Apple Picking
The thing you really want to do this fall is go on a haunted hayride! In your opinion, fall is all about embracing the season the the fullest. Sometimes it means going back to the activities of youth and going all in. Going on a haunted hayride would not only send a chill up your spine, it would remind you just how fun it is to be a little scared and step out of your comfort zone.

Go On A Haunted Hayride
The thing you really want to do this fall is throw a Halloween a party! For you, autumn is all about Halloween, spooky fun, and spending time with friends. Throwing an epic Halloween party would not only put you in good spirits, it would allow you to throw yourself into the planning process and get a little bit creative.

Throw A Halloween Party
The thing you really want to do this fall is host a bonfire! For you, the autumn season is all about spending time with friends and family. What better way to get in the spirit than by hosting a cozy bonfire. Sip on some hot apple cider, roast some marshmallows, and tell some scary ghost stories. There's no better way to spend this season than outside and in good company!

Host A Bonfire
The thing you really want to do this fall is take a long scenic drive! For you, Autumn is all about the changing leaves and the breathtaking colors. Since you're not much of a hiker, you'd love to spend a day just taking scenic drives through some rural areas and taking in the autumn sights and sounds.

Take A Scenic Drive