Can We Guess What You Value Most?

Everyone has certain values that they hold near and dear to their hearts. The question is: what do you actually value most? Can we guess what your top priority is based on these 10 quiz questions? Let's find out!

Question 1/10
In your friend group, which of these roles do you usually take on?
The leader
The wildcard
The nurturing one
The sane one
The comic relief

Question 2/10
In your romantic life, do you have a type?
Yes, all my exes are pretty much the same.
No, all of my exes are pretty different.
Eh, it's complicated.

Question 3/10
Which city would you like to spend a year in?
New York
Los Angeles

Question 4/10
Are you usually nice to strangers?
I'm nice to everyone I meet.
I'm nice to most people.
I try to ignore strangers.
I'm not usually nice to strangers.

Question 5/10
What scares you?
A dwindling bank account.
Being alone.
The dark.

Question 6/10
Pick a phrase about love:
All you need is love.
Love is the answer.
Make love, not war.
Love is blind.
Love is a battlefield.

Question 7/10
Which word speaks to you?

Question 8/10
What's the last thing you think about before bed each night?
My to do list
My prayers
My family
My favorite TV show
How good I feel!

Question 9/10
Do you always arrive places on time?

Question 10/10
Aside from Christmas, what's your favorite holiday?
Fourth of July
Valentine's Day
You clearly value family above all else! Nothing in this world takes precedence over the people you love most. There’s nothing that you wouldn’t do to help your family or make sure that they’re provided for. You love to spend time with your brood as often as possible, even if it means putting other social plans on the back burner. No one can come between you and your family unit!

You value money above all else! Sure, you love your friends and family, but life is pretty darn tough without enough money in the bank. You’re not just into money for what the material things, you’re in it for the lack of anxiety having lots of money can bring. You want to live in a nice house, have a solid car, and provide a nice life for those you love most!

You value faith above all else! You’re a very faithful and devout person who believes that faith is the answer to all things. You always make decisions based on your faith and strive to be a moral person who makes positive changes in the world around you.

You value art and creativity above all else! You’re the type of person who needs to be creative in order to feel truly fulfilled. You love to surround yourself with beauty, art, and open minded people who share your vision for the world. You’re all about thinking outside of the box and doing things as they’ve never been done before.

You value happiness more than anything else! Happiness is something that evades so many people in life, which is why you’re committed to putting happiness first. It’s obvious that you know what makes you happy and what doesn’t. You ditch anything that isn’t helping you to lead a better and more fulfilled life!