Can We Guess What Year You Graduated High School In?

Question 1/10
Which artist reminds you of your glory days?
Bruce Springsteen
Mariah Carey
Michael Jackson
The Eagles
Britney Spears

Question 2/10
How did you listen to music senior year?
8-track baby!
None of these

Question 3/10
Pick a TV show:
Laverne and Shirley
Full House

Question 4/10
What was most important to you in high school?
Being liked
Getting good grades
Earning a scholarship
Hanging with my pals
Life experience

Question 5/10
What did most of your friends do post graduation?
Went to college
Got a job
Traveled the world
None of these

Question 6/10
What was your first car?
My parent's hand me down.
A muscle car.
Whatever was cheap and ran.
A Jeep.

Question 7/10
Where did you hang out after school?
My friend's basement
The library
Under the bleachers
The local diner
The mall

Question 8/10
Which background did you choose for your senior picture?
Laser beams
Outdoor garden
High school auditorium
Grey brushstrokes
I didn't do a high school picture

Question 9/10
What shoes did you wear on the first day of school?
Platform shoes
Doc Martens
Saddle shoes

Question 10/10
What do you miss most about high school?
My friends
My freedom
Not having to pay bills
The learning
Being young
We think that you graduated high school in 1981! For you- school was always a bit of a drag. While you loved hanging with friends during the day, you couldn't wait for that bell to ring so you could hit the mall or arcade. What you did after school always mattered far more than what you did in school!

We think that you graduated high school in 1975! To you, school was all about the friendships. Nothing brought you more joy than hanging out with your best buds in and out of school. You couldn't wait for the bell to ring so you could head to the lake, drive-in, or your best pal's basement. Listening to records and just hanging out was how you spent your teen years!

We think you graduated high school in 1990! You were an angsty teen who loved rip jeans, big flannels, and alternative rock. You just couldn't muster enthusiasm for anything other than music and weekend trips to the mall!

We think you graduated high school in the year 2000! You were coming of age just as technology was really ramping up. You remember using instant messenger late into the night, making dramatic posts on your blog, and listening to the infectious pop tunes of Britney Spears! To you, high school was all about novelty and popularity.

We think you graduated high school in 1997! To you, school was all about getting good grades and heading to college. Some people think of high school as the best years of their life- not you, you were always focused on what was yet to come. Popularity didn't matter, as you much preferred to hang out at home with some Nickelodeon and a good book.

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