Can We Guess What Motivates You At Work?

For some people work is just a job, for others a way of life! No matter what you do for a living, odds are you're motivated by something at work. What motivates you to be your very best each day on the job? With just a few quiz questions, we can decide the truth! Ready to find the source of your motivation? Hit start to begin!

Question 1/10
How long have you been at your current job?
Under a year
Three to five years
Two years
Over five years

Question 2/10
You're asked to work overtime — what is your response?
I don't mind, it's extra money!
It's fine every now and then.
As long as I get paid well.
If it's important, ok!
Nope, no overtime for me today.

Question 3/10
Coworkers are hosting an office party, what are you bringing?
Plates and napkins.
The cake.
Some type of dip and chips.
Anything homemade.

Question 4/10
What compliment did your supervisor give you on your last evaluation?
I'm a hard worker.
I'm devoted.
I'm creative.
I'm a team player.
I'm loyal.

Question 5/10
Which of these things do you think is your biggest flaw at work?
I take all the credit.
I'm a bit selfish.
I'm sort of competitive.
I forget meaningless tasks.
I socialize too much.

Question 6/10
What did you imagine yourself doing for a career as a child?
Owning a business.
Becoming a movie star.
Traveling the world.
Running a country.
Helping others.

Question 7/10
How often do you hang out with your coworkers outside of the office?
Pretty often.
An average amount.
Relatively often.
Not that often.
Pretty much never.

Question 8/10
What is your current relationship status?
Married, with children.
Married, no children.
I'm dating someone.
I'm single.
It's complicated.

Question 9/10
What is the one thing that holds you back from success at work?
Being too nice.
Other people slowing me down.
Too many boring tasks.
Internal politics.
A pay cut.

Question 10/10
How long do you want to work before retiring?
The fewest amount of years possible.
Until I'm 60.
I'll never fully retire.
Until my health holds me back.
As long as I have to.
Your family is what motivates you at work! Though they may not be there on the job, they are always in the back of your mind. You work hard to provide a great life for your loved ones. Even though it isn't always easy, they definitely keep you going!

Your Family
Your motivated at work by your pride! You're someone who wants to do the best job you can possibly do at every task. Even when something seems unimportant, you give it your all, knowing that you can be proud of the job you have done.

Your Pride
You're motivated at work by your bank account! Okay, so to you, a job equals a pay check. Of course, work should be fulfilling, but at the end of the day, you just need it to pay the bills and give you a great quality of life. Even though you don't always love your job, you know that money makes the world go 'round.

Your Bank Account
Your motivated at work by your coworkers! While some love to complain about those they have to work along side of, you're motivated by your peers. Not only do you want to do a good job to make them look better, but you're all for a bit of friendly competition as well!

Your Coworkers
Your most motivated at work by your faith! What does faith have to do with work? Not much. But to you, faith is an integral part of your everyday life. You work hard because that is what you feel is right. Doing what is right is a part of your values, as is putting in a good day's work and providing for your family. You do all things to be in line with your highest faith and values!

Your Faith