Can We Guess The Sound That Drives You Mad?

What noise just gets on your nerves?

Question 1/10
Is it a sound you hear quite often?
All the time
I hear it every once in awhile
I don't hear it too often

Question 2/10
What do you usually do when irritated?
Clench my fists
Grind my teeth
Cover my ears

Question 3/10
Who usually irritates you?

Question 4/10
Whenever you hear the sound, do you just try to ignore it?
Yes I do
Sometimes I do
It's too hard for me to ignore

Question 5/10
How do you usually deal with stress?
I meditate
I just kick back with something relaxing
I cry
I listen to music

Question 6/10
How often do you get angry?
Almost every day
Every few days
Not very often

Question 7/10
Do you ever feel like you can't control your anger when you hear the noise?
Yes I do
Sometimes I do
Not really

Question 8/10
Does your irritation of this sound interfere with your daily life?
I'm not sure
I wouldn't say so

Question 9/10
How can you be described when you're angry?

Question 10/10
Do you have a reason for hating this sound?
I adapted it from my family's habits
I've heard it too often
It distracts me
Nothing irritates you more than the sound of someone constantly clearing their throat. It's a sound that just annoys and disgust you at the same time.

Constant Clearing Of Throat
Nothing makes you go crazy than the sound of chewing. Something about hearing the teeth chomping together with the sloppy sound of food and saliva is just way too much for you.

Most people cannot stand the sound of an alarm clock going off but it really gets on your nerve. It doesn't even matter if you just hear it on a TV show, it's a noise you just can't stand.

Alarm Clock
Something about the squeaking sound Styrofoam rubbing together just totally makes you mad. It's just like nails on a chalkboard and you can't help but get shivers down you back at the noise.

Styrofoam Rubbing Together
There's just something about the sound of teeth grating against a metal fork that you cannot stand. It's an irritating sound that makes you want to cover you ears whenever you hear it.

Fork Against Teeth