Can We Guess The Goal Of Your Life?

Answer these 10 simple questions and see if we're correct in guessing what your one big life goal is! You may not have even known it yourself!

Question 1/10
Would you rather read a book on an electronic reader or have the hard copy?
Electronic Reader
Hard Copy
I don't know/No preference.

Question 2/10
Are you more high tech or old fashioned?
High Tech
Old Fashioned

Question 3/10
Who are you closest with?
Business Colleagues

Question 4/10
Big city or small town?
Big City
Small Town

Question 5/10
Are you more of a leader or a follower?
Depends on the situation!

Question 6/10
Which of these people do you admire most?
Dalai Lama
Rosa Parks
Steve Jobs
Angelina Jolie

Question 7/10
Do you want/do you have lots of children?
No thanks.
Undecided, I'm just going with the flow.
However many I have, I just want to teach and raise them well.

Question 8/10
Which of these jobs could you be best at?
Travel Blogger
Food Critic
Motivational Speaker

Question 9/10
Choose the most attractive trait to you!

Question 10/10
What type of TV shows do you enjoy watching most?
Funny Sitcoms
Drama/Suspense Shows
Reality TV & Game Shows
Human Interest Talk Shows
You are very goal- and success-oriented. You're a hard worker, driven, and determined to accomplish all of your goals. You enjoy nice things: flashy cars, good food, exquisite wine, amazing vacations, and all of these things are contingent on hard work and business success. Your main goal in life is to be successful and make lots of money so that you can have these nice things!

Make Lots Of Money
You have a heart of gold. You are kind, caring, and welcoming. Nothing makes you happier than seeing your loved ones happy and well-cared for. Your main goal in life is to have a family of your own: tight-knit, happy, and very special!

Have A Happy Family
You have a true explorer's spirit. You want nothing more than to see new places, meet new people, and experience new things.The thought of new adventure excites you, and your main goal in life is to travel the world!

Travel The World
You are laid back and easy going. Humble and down-to-earth, you don't need much to make you happy. You want to make sure you never take for granted the little things in life and always go with the flow. Your main goal in life is to always stay relaxed, cool, calm, and collected.

Be Relaxed & Laid Back
You are very passionate about what you believe in. You're a natural, born, and true leader. You really want to change the world. Your genuine personality and fresh ideas have gained you many friends and followers. Your main goal in life is to leave behind a legacy that others will remember you for.

Leave Behind A Strong Legacy