Can We Guess How You Drink Your Coffee?

Do you like it black and strong or with a bunch of sweeteners added? Take this quiz and we'll guess how you take your cup o' joe!

Question 1/10
When do you like to drink coffee?
In the mornings
When I need that extra burst of energy
When it's cold outside
All the time!

Question 2/10
Are you willing to drink instant coffee?
Sure, if that's all there is.
No thank you!
Yes - I need my caffeine.
Can I add things to it to make it taste better?

Question 3/10
Which country would you like to visit most?
Hong Kong

Question 4/10
Which of the following is your favorite movie genre?

Question 5/10
Pick a chocolate treat!
Hot cocoa
Chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate-dipped fruit
Chocolate fudge

Question 6/10
Which holiday makes you happiest?
Valentine's Day
Labor Day
4th of July

Question 7/10
What's your life motto?
Dare to be different.
A smile is a curve that sets everything straight.
Always be yourself.
Work hard, play harder.

Question 8/10
What is your dream community to live in?
Busy city
Small town
Creative community

Question 9/10
What's your favorite farm animal?

Question 10/10
Which word describes you best?
You are focused, ambitious, and driven to succeed. Because of your hard-working, always on-the-go lifestyle, you need as much caffeine as you can get! You love deep, full-bodied roasts, and you'd never spoil the coffee flavor you crave every day with things like cream or sugar! You drink your coffee black.

You are a very kind, caring person. You love caring for others, and the relationships in your life mean the world to you. Your coffee tastes match your sweet personality - with lots of cream to make the hot drink as sweet and yummy to drink as can be!

With lots of cream
You are a humble, down-to-earth person: the epitome of the "girl/guy next door." You don't need fancy mix-ins or creams to make you happy when it comes to coffee, and the same goes for life in general - you prefer to keep things simple and uncomplicated! You take your coffee with a bit of sugar, and that's all!

With some sugar
You are a free-spirit, someone who dares to be different. Your youthful personality is very refreshing to those around you, and your carefree heart opens up many possibilities for you. You don't drink coffee hot like most people do. You like to march to the beat of your own drum and drink cool, crisp iced coffee!