Can We Guess How Much You Love Sleeping?

Some people would much rather stay in bed all day than get up and do something. Others are movers and shakers and hate it when they get sleepy. Where on the spectrum do you lie?

Question 1/10
Which word describes you best?
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Question 2/10
How many pillows do you have on your bed?
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Question 3/10
Do you go to bed at the same time every night?
No, it depends on what I'm doing that day.
Yes, I try to!
Yes, I have a going-to-bed routine.
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Question 4/10
Do you usually remember what you dream about while you sleep?
Yes, most of the time.
Not really! I haven't really tried to.
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Question 5/10
About how many hours of sleep do you get on weeknights?
Over 8 hours
5-8 hours
Less than 5 hours
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Question 6/10
Which position do you sleep most comfortably in?
On my side
On my back
On my stomach
Spread out all over the bed
I'm usually so exhausted that I don't even notice!
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Question 7/10
Do you enjoy taking naps during the day?
Yes, very much!
I usually do!
No, I don't normally have he time.
Not at all!
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Question 8/10
How long does it take you to fall asleep at night?
I'm asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow!
Less than 10 minutes
More than 10 minutes
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Question 9/10
If you're unable to fall asleep at night, what's keeping you up?
I think I got TOO much sleep!
Some family issue or fight with a friend.
I'm thinking too much about work.
I just feel like I have more energy left!
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Question 10/10
Are you sleepy right now?
You HATE sleeping. You're a very free-spirited, active individual. Some may call you a bit of a wild child. You love marching to the beat of your own drum and seizing the day. Sleep keeps you from great experiences, which is why you know you have to get it but don't like it very much!

Not Very Much!
You are an extremely hard-working, driven, and determined to succeed individual. As exhausted and tired as you usually are, you ONLY love to sleep AFTER a long long day. Your motivation and ambition keep you awake otherwise!

Only After A Long Day
You love napping and snoozing. Nothing feels better to you than sinking into your comfy bed and drifting off to dreamland. However, there are some rare times where you hate going to bed - when you're really excited about something, some event, or someone for example. You're very emotional and your passion for things and people can keep you up for HOURS past your 'bedtime!'

Most Of The Time
If sleeping was a sport, you'd be a professional athlete! You're a calm, easy-going, and laid-back person, and you absolutely LOVE getting your zzz's at night. In fact, you sneak in a cat nap whenever you can!

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