Can We Guess How Many Siblings You Have?

Like it or not, your siblings (or lack thereof) shaped who you are. They helped mold you into the person you are today. Answer the following questions to let us guess how many siblings you have.

Question 1/10
Back to school meant...
Brand new supplies
Hand me downs
A little of both

Question 2/10
What did your family drive?
A mini-van
A bus
A sports car
None of these

Question 3/10
Where did you spend your summer?
Touring Europe
A theme park
With the grandparents
It was different every year

Question 4/10
Family meals were usually...
Healthy and gourmet
A casserole
Fend for yourself
A drive-through
Depends on the day

Question 5/10
You bedroom...
Was all yours
Was shared
Was always moving
None of these

Question 6/10
Who did you play with?
A neighbor
An imaginary friend
Whoever was around

Question 7/10
Every year on your birthday...
You were spoiled with presents
You had a chance of being forgotten
You were surrounded by loved ones
Was different

Question 8/10
How was your family's financial situation?
Never an issue
Always tight
Up and down
I don't know

Question 9/10
When something broke your parents...
Knew it was you
Had to play detectives
Didn't even notice
None of these

Question 10/10
How many kids do you have?
One and done
Three or more
I'm still working on it.
Zero. You are the one and only. Some people might think of you as spoiled, others as independent. You know that you are a little of both. You missed having siblings to share memories with but cherished the times that you didn't have to worry about sharing a room. You know that for your parents, you were enough.

One and Only
One. You grew up with one other sibling. Chances are you are still very close. When you were growing up, you might have fought every now and then, then turned right around and been each others partner in crime. Through the ups and downs and twists and turns of growing up, you developed an unbreakable bond.

One of a Pair
Two. You grew up with two other siblings. Whether you were the oldest trailblazer, the spoiled baby, or stuck in the middle, you were glad to have two others to experience the wonders of growing up with. At times you picked sides, or asked one of them to be on yours. Through it all, you are glad to have had two wonderful people to grow up with.

Three's Company
Three, or more. You come from a large family and have three or more siblings. You are used to hand-me-down clothing, shared spaces and hiding your Halloween candy under your bed. There was always somebody to play with and always somebody to argue with. Growing up with so many siblings made you able to meet and befriend new people so be grateful for the crazy experience you gained from having a big family.

Four or More
You're a mixed bag. You a member of a blended-family which means that you were use to being the only child, or having a few siblings, then had to adapt when two families became one. You struggled with new personalities and feeling accepted. Once you bonded, you realized that you don't have to be born to the same set of parents to be a sibling.

Blended Bliss