Can We Guess How Hippie You Are?

Do you think we can guess how much of a free spirited hippie you are based on a few personality questions? Take this quiz and find out!

Question 1/10
What would be your ideal summer destination?
San Francisco
Coachella Festival
Venice Beach
Yellowstone National Park
New York City

Question 2/10
What are your eating habits like?
I eat as many raw foods as I can
I'm vegetarian
I'm a vegan
I eat anything and everything

Question 3/10
How strict are you about only buying local products and non GMO products?
Very strict
Kind of strict
I do it when I can
I do it when it's convenient
What's GMO?

Question 4/10
How often can you be found not wearing shoes?
All day everyday
Most of the time
When I'm at home
At the beach
Hardly ever

Question 5/10
What is your position on the legalization of marijuana?
It should be legalized
It should not be legalized
I'm on the fence
It should be medicinally legalized only

Question 6/10
How many pieces of tie dye clothing do you own?
More than 10 items
5 or 6 items
2 or 3 items
1 to 2 items
Zero items

Question 7/10
Politically speaking, what side do you land on?
The Middle

Question 8/10
What social or political cause is near and dear to your heart?
Women's rights
Gay rights
Animal rights

Question 9/10
How often do you wear makeup?
Every few days
When I go somewhere special

Question 10/10
Would you ever take part in a political protest?
You are 100% hippie. You are a lover of nature and an effervescent spirit. You couldn't hurt a fly. You love a simple way of life that is as good to nature as you can possibly be.

100% Hippie
You are 75% hippie. You own more tie dye than you know what to do with and you can often be found communing around campfires. You are a love of nature and all that it has to offer. Your spirit shines as bright as the sun.

75% Hippie
You are 50% hippie. While you are a bit of an environmentalist and love some good psychedelic rock n' roll, you are not a full hippie. You are bit too dependent on technology, and a tad over infatuated with how you are perceived by others.

50% Hippie
You are 25% hippie. Unfortunately you are not a full blown hippie. While you appreciate the hippie way of life and sensibility, you're just too attached to modern conveniences to ever truly embrace the hippie lifestyle.

25% Hippie
You are only 10% hippie. The summer of love, likely would not have been your thing. The whole peace, love, and happiness deal tends to make you feel a bit cynical. With that said, you still have a touch of hippie in you, because you're truly a fan of nature.

10% Hippie