Can We Guess How Good You Are In Bed Based On Your Cooking Skills?

Did you know that your cooking skills might just be a dead giveaway for your skills in the bedroom? It's time to find out just how good your skills really are! Ready for the results? Let's go!

Question 1/10
You want to make a big breakfast for your beau. What will you whip up?
Scrambled eggs and bacon
French toast
A fruit and yogurt parfait
A bagel sandwich

Question 2/10
Early in the morning, you can be found...
Grinding fresh coffee
Making a super food smoothie
Squeezing fresh oranges
Brewing some tea

Question 3/10
Your going to pack a sandwich for lunch. What are you going to whip up?
A classic Reuben
A Cuban
A turkey club

Question 4/10
Which of these foods do you know how to make from scratch?
Chocolate chip cookies
Sourdough bread
Soft pretzels
Chocolate cake

Question 5/10
What's your favorite herb to cook with?

Question 6/10
Your going to have some friends over for dinner. Which of these dishes could you easily whip up?
Rack of lamb
Roast chicken with veggies

Question 7/10
Which would you cook up for a pot luck at the local church?
Stuffed party pinwheels
Broccoli salad
Hash brown casserole

Question 8/10
What's your favorite way to cook a steak?
Medium rare
Well done

Question 9/10
Which cuisine are you best at cooking?

Question 10/10
Which tricky dessert are you a pro at making?
Based on your cooking skills, you're pretty darn amazing in bed! You're a master chef in the kitchen and a tour de force in the bedroom! You do everything in life with passion and gusto, which means you always do what it takes to be the best at what you love!

You're Amazing In Bed!
Based on your cooking skills, you're probably pretty great in bed! It's obvious that you don't like to do anything half way. Whether it's cooking the perfect meal or having a romantic evening, you live your life with passion, intrigue, and a true thirst for adventure!

You're Great In Bed!
Based on your cooking skills, you're probably pretty good in bed! Sure, you might not be winning any cooking competitions, but you can hold your own and whip up a good meal in no time. You're the type of person who loves comfort foods and decadent desserts. What does this say about you in the bedroom? You're a sensitive and caring partner who always goes the extra mile!

You're Pretty Good In Bed!
Based on your cooking skills, you're okay in bed! Your cooking skills are a little bit rusty. Though you can whip up some frozen pizza or a TV dinner, gourmet cooking is not your forte. What does this say about you in the bedroom? You like things to be quick, easy, and totally on your own terms.

You're Okay In Bed!