Can We Guess Exactly How You’re Like Based On Your Dreams?

They say dreams are the gateways to understanding personality. Do you think your dreams reveal more about you than most anything else? Tell us a bit about your dreams and we'll guess exactly the type of person you are. Will we get it right the first time? Start the quiz to find out!

Question 1/10
How often do you dream?
Every night
Most nights
Every now and then

Question 2/10
Which animal is most likely to appear in your dream?
A lion or bear
Some kind of bird
A dog or cat
A childhood pet
I don't know, I can never see the animal!

Question 3/10
Do you dream in first person or third person?
First person
Third person

Question 4/10
Do you often recognize the people in your dreams?
Yes, they're almost always people I know in real life.
Somewhat, I recognize a few faces.
Everyone is strange to me.

Question 5/10
Can you control what happens in your dreams?
Yes, I'm always in the driver's seat.
Somewhat, but there are limitations.
Never, I'm totally out of control.

Question 6/10
How often are you being chased in your dreams?
Almost every night.
Most nights.
Never or I can't remember.

Question 7/10
Almost all of your dreams come to you in...
Black n' white
A mix of both

Question 8/10
In your dreams, are you typically up high, down low, or at ground level?
Up high
Down low
At ground level

Question 9/10
Which element appears most in your dream?

Question 10/10
How old are you in your dreams?
Very young
Very old
The age I am now.
A little bit younger.
A little bit older.
Based on your dreams, we'd bargain that you're a very adventurous person! Even in your dreams, you just can't help but step outside of your comfort zone and try new things. Never one to be boring, you're as adventurous as they come.

Based on your dreams, we think that you're probably pretty reserved! Even in your dreams, you don't really step too far outside of your comfort zone. In everyday life, you tend to be rather shy and reserved, preferring to stay in rather than venturing too far out.

Based on your dreams, we're willing to bet that you're very creative! Even in your dreams you live a vivid and colorful life far outside of reality. In everyday life, things aren't really that different!

Based on your dreams, we'd describe you as being very authentic! It's clear that even in dreams you're grounded in truth and reality. You pride yourself on being an authentic and true person in everyday life and in your dreams.

Based on your dreams, we'd bargain that you're a very kindhearted person! Even in dreams, you are light, sweet, and kind to all you meet. In everyday life, you pride yourself on being the type of person who wouldn't hurt a fly.