Can We Actually Guess Your Voice Type?

Do you have a voice that's just striking?

Question 1/10
Are you male or female?
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Question 2/10
What age are you?
Sixties or older
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Question 3/10
Do people usually tell you to speak up or lower your voice?
Lower my voice
Speak up
It depends
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Question 4/10
How would you describe your tone?
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Question 5/10
Would you say you have a heavy voice?
Not at all
Yes I do
I have no clue
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Question 6/10
What notes do you usually have trouble hitting when you sing?
High notes
Low notes
A mixture of both
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Question 7/10
Do you know your vocal range?
Not at all
I'm not sure
Yes I do
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Question 8/10
Do people ever point out any unique traits about your voice when you talk?
All the time
Sometimes they do
No they don't
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Question 9/10
Would you consider your voice dramatic?
Very dramatic
Not at all
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Question 10/10
Would you say your voice suits you?
Yes it does
Not really
Not at all
You have voice type that is light and bright and is reminiscent of a child. Your voice has a youthfulness to it that helps give you a rather innocent appearance.

You have a voice that tends to be warm but also full. Your voice fills the room whenever you speak but your voice is always filled with kindness and compassion.

Lyric Soprano
You have a voice that can off as rather intimating. Your voice also helps with your charm as it tends to sound rather rich and powerful.

Dramatic Soprano
You have a voice that's rather low and quite powerful. While your voice may be powerful, it's not intimidating in the least. You have a warm and comforting voice that many love to hear.

Low Contralto
You have a voice that many people love to listen to. It happens to be very smooth and sweet sounding. You sound like you always just thought of a funny joke and it keeps others intrigued.

Lyric Baritone
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